Acceptable Use Policy

Terms and Conditions in real-people language
> Your service begins the date we activate service. You agree to the length of the plan you chose until the term expires, then your service with EventBuilder continues month-to-month. A 30-day written notice is required by either you or us if you wish to stop using our service. 
Costs associated with our service:
    • Subscription-based: Essential, $49/mo per organizer, Pro, $149/mo per organizer, and Suite, $249/mo per organizer.
    • Closed Captioning is available for an additional cost.
    • Each Organizer has a limit of 3,000 registrants per month. 3,001-10,000 registrants per month per Organizer = $50 for every 1,000 additional registrants. 10,001 registrants and above per Organizer per month is charged at $0.15 per additional registrant. 
> We aren’t responsible for the content you use in your Events but have the right to monitor your content and restrict service if we suspect unlawful activity or abuse, including using third-party copyrighted material without permission, or abnormally large file transfers.
> Our service is subject to reasonable use limits. Currently, a maximum of 5,000 registrants is considered "reasonable use" for a single live event or simulated-live event. There's no current maximum for in-person or on-demand events.
> Resale of our service is not ok without a specific reseller agreement in place. 

Prohibited Events:

    • Gambling/Games of chance – Including raffles, random drawings, giveaways, and prizes. These are highly regulated and regulations differ from state to state.
    • Adult content – No nudity or sexual acts; we use the same criteria as the film, television, and gaming industries to determine what constitutes “adult content.” Deploy common sense, here.
    • Events that encourage illegal activity – Don’t break the law, don’t encourage other people to break the law while using our software. 
    • Hatred/Violence - Events promoting hatred, violence, racial/religious intolerance, gender/sexual orientation intolerance, or the views of the KKK, neo-Nazis, Incels, etc. won’t be allowed. Be a decent human.
    • Felonies - If you’re using yours or anyone else’s criminal notoriety to make money while using EventBuilder’s platform: don’t. We’ll pull the plug.
> Impersonating someone or providing false information that misleads EventBuilder and/or our customers as to your identity is a no-no. This includes credit reports.
> Don’t post spam, promote your MLM, send chain letters, lie, spread false rumors about someone (libel), spread computer viruses or malware, steal our website content, steal and use other people's content without permission, or collect information about users without their consent.
> The content you submit to our site is subject to our approval. Basically - we can approve and remove.
> Don’t lose your account information and password. If your EventBuilder account information is used fraudulently, let us know immediately, and cooperate with authorities if we must involve them.
> When you terminate your service, you can’t use EventBuilder anymore. Your account will be disabled.

A Few Additional Points to Note:

> You are at least 18 years old and assume responsibility for payment to us for the services we provide in a timely manner. (Within 5 days after the due date)

> We own the technology and any updates to our technology. Same for our graphics, logos, etc. You can’t steal, reverse engineer, modify, or otherwise mess with it.
> We are not liable for outages, equipment failures, or incidental damages.
> Our service is provided “as-is.” We don’t offer any warranties.
> See our Privacy Policy information here.
> We may change this agreement occasionally, but we promise to make any changes in good faith and only when necessary. We will also notify you if we do make changes.