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How do I generate leads with webinars? Interview with expert Dennis Shiao of DNN Corp.

March 8 2018 / by Roger Courville

Filed under: Expert Interviews, Presentation Planning, Promotion

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Dennis Shiao is the author of Generate Sales Leads with Virtual Events, former marketing directing inside the webinar industry, and now practitioner and marketing director for DNN Software, a .NET CMS solution provider. In this interview with Roger Courville Dennis answers questions like...

  • What’s the biggest mistake marketers make when promoting webinars?
  • How have you approached using paid social to drive response?
  • What do you do to collect additional data and get that to the sales team?
  • How do you approach integrating webinars with other content marketing tactics?


Transcript (auto-generated by YouTube, unedited)

hey everybody Roger Courville here at an
event builder and I have somebody with
me that I've actually known for a long
time never met face to face except that
this is face to face I think that counts
who are you and what do you do hey Roger
thanks for having me so my name is
Dennis Shiao
I am a marketer that I currently work
for a company called DNN we make a
content men system as a CMS so for those
in the audience who might not be
familiar it's the most common CMS is
WordPress who has a huge market share we
tend to work with larger businesses who
have perhaps some more sophisticated
I think WordPress is great at what it
does but a lot of our customers are
doing more Fanning slag building custom
application stuff on the website or
quite neat for larger content teams that
need to do workflow and I've been there
for a number of years and I currently am
on the marketing team doing all of our
content so everything from our website
to webinars which I know we'll talk
about and my papers all that sort of
thing to help drive interest in what we
what we provide awesome and thanks for
spending a little time we'll just sit
back and have a cup of coffee and or
team games the case may be and sad about
it well so for my way of background so
all of you know Dennis and I Dennis used
to be in the we'll call it the webinar
webcast virtual class industry I hate
all those words but it is what it is
right so he directed you know lead gen
and marketing and a lot of stuff at in
Expo and so he knows this fro Thor as an
insider inside the inside the organ
inside the company inside the industry
but he also knows it is in a sense an
outsider as you just heard right he mix
it has to mix webinars or webcasts into
a broader content strategy and Dennis
happened to have written a book quite
some years ago now but and I expect it's
been that many years since I've read it
but it's called generate sales leads
with virtual events how virtual events
can fuel your sales pipeline so given
that that's a perennial topic and given
the behavior is pretty much the same
year over year I'm not sure if there's
anything brand new about generating
leads with webinars but that's probably
a good place to start as any and I'm
just curious Dennis um what was there
something in particular that prompted
you to write that book as opposed to the
other ways that you are the things you
could have written about webinars yeah
well frankly the right so I was
obviously working in the industry with
an expo or virtual events and webinar
platform so as far as the topic itself
it was things it was a topic that I was
writing about quite a lot on my blog so
it was natural for me to to write about
that topic it was really what I was
immersed in but as far as the lead
generation angle there's a lot of
different use cases of virtual events
and webinars everything from training to
training and education lead generation
any sort of communication actually but I
think what we were seeing at the time
was the most common use case was to
almost like take webinars which have
been a staple of lead generation from
some time and almost take them up to
another level and also provide these
things called virtual trade shows which
allowed for multiple sponsors to
participate at once whereas webinars
traditionally have been single sponsor
so we were using we were seeing the most
common use case being lead generation so
I decided to put those two together
and write about lead generation using
virtual labs very cool let's start at
the beginning
let's let's start it if we're talking
about generating leads with webinars
virtual events we'll just call it
virtual events today because as I've
blogged about I hate the word webinar
but I'm smart enough to use it because
that's what SEO requires in the industry
right yeah let's start at the beginning
most people think they know some things
that sometimes they don't know as well
as they think they know if you were
gonna say hey here's a couple most
common things that people think they
know that really we should make sure we
have down before we get into more
advanced topics what are we talking
about in terms of how to get started
well I think it's almost the inverse of
that which is some people get
intimidated like I have to put together
a webinar or virtual event and there's a
lot of work and what happens if I go by
the live aspect of it is intimidating
in front of a live audience but I think
it's just the opposite which is yeah
probably your first time there's a lot
of things you don't know but if you fuck
if you find the right partner or folks
who are gonna help guide you in planning
that first one it's really quite easy
and then it'd be getting in front of a
live audience is a great opportunity
that many other forms of lead generation
don't afford you like downloading an
asset or reading a blog but like reading
things is not a live audience per se
like somebody is actually consuming it
at some time you hope right actually
with a white paper you don't even know
you generated a lead they you don't even
know if they finish the download and so
what was I gonna so what does meet what
I was getting at is that people probably
think this is really I don't know black
art or it's it's really complicated but
it's really not and once you get the
first one under your belt it can be a
vehicle that you that's like your go-to
vehicle for engaging with a live
audience and that live audience can need
prospects who turn into customers or it
could even be your customers and
partners yeah so I think it's it's
people ought to ought to get on board if
they haven't yet exclamation point
behind something you just said and this
is one of the things I've always
appreciated about you because you're the
thinker but unlike a white paper or a
blog post or fill in the blank of any
other form of on-demand media right we
have a chance to have a real time
conversation we know if they're there
we're know if they're engaged we know if
they answer a question I know Bill asked
this and I kind of have a whole bit of
insight into what Bill's thinking based
on the question the bill just asked
exactly even then you know for the
follow-up for the sales team yeah so I
was approaching it from a different
angle but you're right I think there's
an angle where there's were oftentimes
people sometimes are intimidated made
intimidated by the doing it of the first
time when I'm thinking right oh yeah
this is not hard it's a different medium
so instead of curiosity when people
would come to you and I know that wasn't
exactly your role in an expo but when
they said Dennis what what are those
core few things that I should do
to make sure this rocks yeah what would
you tell them well having just said it's
easy I will give a a slightly different
perspective which is there is a whole
lifecycle to planning a webinar a
virtual event
it starts with figuring out the topic
and the presenter it then goes into
promotion the worst thing is if you plan
a big event and the audio nobody shows
up because it's almost like it's a whip
it's a waste of time then there's the
actual production itself and then
importantly I think one that folks tend
to minimize is the follow-up like now
that you've had this great event what do
you do afterwards but I think a lot of
what maybe what your question was
getting at was the actual production of
a webinar or virtual men I think it's
very useful to be very detail-oriented
and I know I've had the chance of
working with like physical event
planners and what I've learned from them
is like if you're planning a physical
conference you tend to need to look at
every single detail from the carpeting
to the signage to the check-in
experience the Registrar like the
picking up your badge experience to the
actual badge itself there's thousands of
intricate details that go into a
physical event possibly a little bit
less on an online event but still there
are many details you need to worry about
and so I would take up the mindset of
being super detail-oriented so that
every you're you're looking at every
pixel you're looking at every experience
that the attendee is going to have want
to interact with this from email
promotion to registration to the actual
experience itself and if you're able to
really get all the details right it's
gonna leave much more of an impression
or attendee or your lead then if you
forgot to if your slides are misaligned
done they'll notice that and so I would
say overall just pay a lot of attention
and almost be what's the word to be over
attentive to all the details like the B
I'm trying to struggling with the word
somebody a perfectionist you have to be
in a bit of reflection this when you
play a little bit yeah yeah so tithe
that attention to detail back to kind of
one of the main two problems that
marketers have right has it how do i how
do I get eyeballs to even register and
then once I'm there talk about that life
cycle we'll start there but then we'll
talk about that life cycle because
that's actually to your point a little
earlier that's one thing that's unique
about a virtual event compared to a
white paper or other forms of contract
is that you do have this life cycle
where you can either improve things or
or hurt yourself right talk about top
end put them in the in the top of the
funnel like get them to register yeah
different just out of curiosity
especially now in your role do you do
anything different with virtual events
then you do with other forms of content
yeah so I I guess take a step back I
actually I'm responsible for the overall
content calendar for my company and I
plan that around what I call a webinar
so I find that around webinars we every
one we do is live
and so one of the great things about a
live webinar is that they are database
you have to pick a date for the webinar
and that so if I'm looking ahead to next
quarter I will map the first thing I'll
do for content is map out the webinars
so maybe we'll do one or two a month so
that's three to six per corner so and
that that takes a little bit of work
because you have to find the topic you
have to make sure the speaker or
speakers are available but once you get
that you now have dates on the calendar
and and you figure out how to promote
and get things out to - given what
people sign up for those dates and then
other content like blog post social
social media shares maybe even a white
paper you can plan around those pockets
of dates so I think a webinar is great
especially because it's live and you've
got a live date of planning and then as
far as filling the funnel we I just
tried everything everything I can try so
that is social media is an obvious one
so use your organic social channels to
let people know about the webinar we
mail is still the probably the number
one source for us today
we have a large list of both customers
and prospects that we will email a few
times I've experimented with paid social
and that's using our current channels
and then a lot of the social networks
like Facebook Twitter Linkedin allow you
to boost a post so you can take that and
target people to get that webinar offer
in front of that's worked fairly well
using the presenters themselves so if
you're finding great presenters that are
that your audience seeks just have them
promote the web the fact that they're
presenting its problem I found very few
presenters who are not willing to do
that other than if you hire an analyst
they have certain rules not to the
motors on the vendors webinar right what
else and then write write some blog
posts that will help fuel the the
suspense like he'll preview the fact
that the webinars coming up just out of
curiosity paid social you know that's
that's one of the things in the in the
length of time that you know I've been
in this industry obviously it didn't
exist it was all email when I first
started 19 years ago and that's one of
those things that has come up well
here's an observation that I've seen and
I'm just curious to know if this is
something that's parallel to what you've
observed which is it one of the one of
the challenges with online promotion
will just kind of keep that general in
general is that is that because of that
time based thing we gain something and
we lose something right so we have a
deadline right because it's gonna be on
on March 7th at 10:00 a.m.
and yeah so there's this deadline if I
want to talk to Dennis then I've
actually got to be there right because
otherwise I can't exactly ask a question
of a recording but consequently then I
know most organizations haven't done you
know have experimented with but have not
had ongoing success with things like say
paid banner ads or other forms of of
digital you know advertising because
that kind of thing tends to take some
time to develop
in a way that a webinar may not serve
right it's gonna be out there right Nate
weeks but I'm just curious but when you
brought up paid social is there a
particular something that you've learned
along the way there and by the way I'm
just gonna I'm just gonna say this to
our audience I love if I'll post a link
when I post this to your LinkedIn
profile but I love how Denis approaches
his LinkedIn profile first by saying
what story do you want to tell the world
but then also just having the humility
to say I once sent out an email that
received zero clicks and boy haven't we
all done that so just let it curiosity
what what's a couple things that you've
learned about paid social that that
might be useful so one thing this
doesn't necessarily type directly to
webinars but one tactic that I heard
recommended that I've tried is to figure
out what is working for your organic
post so let's say on Twitter you can see
what are the tweets you can easily look
at a couple metrics like retweets
interactions likes or favorites right
and boost the ones that are already
performing well because if you've got
one that's that kind of the audience is
a little bit giving you a signal like
relative speaking relatively speaking
across your tweets these are the ones
that are getting more engagement so if
you spend a little money and with the
social network so you can spend a little
as little as maybe $5 to $20 so it's not
big-budget necessarily unless you want
to expand it so boost what's already
working well because that will give you
a higher likelihood that when you get it
in front of an audience that's not
following you that they'll also like it
for webinars you're right in that
usually you're promoting a month out or
maybe even less so something like a
display ad is not gonna work too well
because I've never really seen display
ads go drive you into signing up for a
webinar yeah I had the client several
years ago I had a client at IBM who did
that really well but okay and of a
combination of direct deep link to a
specific event but in conjunction with a
landing page with lists of events
because they were doing the kind of
volume where there was this they also
perpetual property that had you know had
a consistent URL yeah anyway keep going
yeah and we what we've done at DNN is
I've I don't have expertise on a lot of
paid social I look at paid social
similar to the the expertise someone has
in paid search so there's a whole
industry and there's agencies that will
run your Google and Bing campaigns for
you and that's something that I have
tried in the past like at a smaller
company just to set it up and I know how
complex and sophisticated it is so we
have hired consultants to help us run
paid social campaigns and there's a
whole other there's a whole new world
that's not available in organic so even
for something like your Facebook page
they have something called business
manager and it's as sophisticated as
Google's paid search with the targeting
available I know here in the US there's
a lot of talk about our recent election
and how Facebook was utilized there and
so there's so much potential so I know
what I don't know
so I actually hire someone with the
expertise there but there is the ability
to target get very specific on targeting
so if we're doing a webinar that's
looking to reach an IT manager running
Microsoft's dotnet framework we can find
those people in that love that type of
person in South Dakota working for a
company of children employees or less so
that's how powerful it is at that loved
scale you might not you might it's not
traditional advertising where you're
gonna reach you know it's like cost per
thousand you might be reaching hundred
people right but if it's the right
people then it works really well right
yeah that's that's a that's a great
point one other question in the kind of
the top of the funnel and then we'll
kind of move into the lifecycle but just
at a curiosity what has been your
experience with combining webinars with
other tactics here's an example I know
in some clients and win some industries
they've struggled to get a sufficient
ROI of driving people directly to
webinars for lead gen but found a
success in say using another tactic like
a whitepaper or something to get the
initial response on a list and then saw
10x return you know 10 times higher
return with that opt-in list for their
webinars just hit a curiosity of you
experimented cross-platform like that
somewhat I what I found the most success
and this just makes total sense to me is
as I said I use webinars to plan my
entire calendar but then utilize that
same webinar and repurpose into as many
different formats as you can so an
example would be take the slides from
the webinar upload it to SlideShare yep
so about three years ago now maybe four
years ago now DNN didn't have a
SlideShare channel and I said let's just
take everything we're doing a lot of
webinars so I said let's just take the
slide deck from every webinar let's
create a SlideShare channel upload every
one to SlideShare and let people know
that the slides are available because
that's the most common question of every
webinar attendee are they invited to be
available because it is I and is there
gonna be a recording yeah exactly so I
think for the attendees for our regulars
they now know like the slides will be on
the SlideShare channel the same day and
went the year that we first started our
SlideShare channel we created the
channel in the summer or the fall and by
the end of the year I received an email
from SlideShare around December January
saying you the congratulations you've
been in the top you are now in the top
1% of all SlideShare channels for this
year and that was with really doing
their work we're just taking all of our
existing webinar material and uploading
it so I think that was a I'm a that's a
pretty huge Autolite just from webinars
without doing much additional investment
right you then have the ought you then
have the recording I think people can do
more from recordings you can promote the
recording you can upload it to YouTube
you can just get that recording out in
front of people you can create a white
paper version of the webinar so when
I've had webinars that are really
I might myself write a white paper based
on the content or hire or freelance
writer to re-watch the on-demand and
write a paper from it
so that's a great way to drive a
different form of content that other
people might you can put into other
advertising programs that might have a
response from people who otherwise
wouldn't attend a webinar what else so
just taking that base content and
generating as much other content as you
can from it
yeah I think can give you some good ROI
right at once and sell it 15 times
literally that's the line and they came
from a board member yihaw10 15 times
yeah make sense just out of curiosity I
told I said one more question we'll make
this the last one but promotionally do
you see it do you see any perpetual
mistake if there's something that you
see over and over in the world of
webinars is there just anything that
either rubs you the wrong way or things
that you think people perpetually do
wrong one thing is I think some some
producers of webinars are a little too
aggressive so I'm somehow I mean I think
all of us somehow get ourselves on
certain lists that we didn't opt in for
so I will see a lot of that and try to
filter it out but some of them involved
webinars yeah and I'll notice the same
and you can tell when someone's planning
a webinar and they're short on their
registration goal because all of a
sudden you're getting beginning but it's
so true you can just smell the
desperation they're getting into your
inbox and this is obviously for
something you didn't opt into anyway
they're getting into your inbox more
multiple times per week they're using
these silly tricks like limited seating
like yes which is which we know for the
most part is doesn't exist look 99 yeah
and so and then they're using some
language that just makes it sound like
like you have you almost you have an
obligation to attend this even though I
never opted in to your list in the first
place so I think there are some bad
actors out there who are obviously
to get people to sign up in the first
place yeah and you know here's a piece
of context there you know I think both
of our backgrounds has largely been b2b
right and as the cost of webinars have
come down and being able to source and
produce and whatever in the last couple
decades you know that has gotten down to
you know the b2c kind of level where
sometimes it's that super hype get
wildly wealthy with webinars kind of
Bologna starts to you know starts you
know and then people out going out and
they're following somebody's blueprint
for how to get wildly wealthy with
webinars instead of going wait right
when we create something of value will
attract the people that are the right
people which is Canada like content
marketing so right exactly
they've registered yeah after that just
out of curiosity what you know what do
you pay attention to or maybe even what
you do not pay attention to and I'll
I'll share with you I'll even started
this by saying here's my bias because
yeah oftentimes in the world of lead
generation marketers get measured on the
number of leads that they put in in in
the pipe yeah they often ignore what
happens after that meaning yeah
oftentimes they don't give a rat's
behind if the presenter sucks or or
anything else you know he's not really
awesome because that's not what they get
measured on just out of curiosity what's
man talk to me about that life cycle
after registration yeah first I guess at
first is I will make a confession which
is I think the biggest shortcoming in my
webinar process today is when you
capture the lead so there's a period
between driving registrations to the
live webinar date and a lot of times we
we pat ourselves on the back saying we
were we're a bit hot we're at a good
registration count number and then all
of that time between promoting to the
live webinar date we're kind of doing
other things yeah so I think the biggest
opportunity from and so this is
something I haven't done but I recognize
is a huge opportunity is engage with
those registrants and it's between and
they register and the live broadcasting
today for the most part just lets them
sit until you might send out that
automated reminder right but this is a
great opportunity to get to know them
better maybe even ask them you can
submit questions ahead of time give them
a like a website to submit the question
maybe even have the presenter do a
teaser video 1-minute video saying I'm
looking forward to presenting to you
next week so there's a whole period
where you can start to it's almost like
pre-engaged because a lot of times sales
will want to engage with these leads
after the webinar but in marketing and
we wouldn't want sales to insert
themselves up front but marketers who
are managing the webinar that's a great
opportunity to engage with people so I
think that's something we should explore
as an industry is do a better job there
and then after the fact we I'm pretty
tactical with all have strategic maybe
with all my comment that we have tools
in place to measure because the
contribution of content to opportunities
and sales so with all of our webinar
programs we are tracking how many of the
leads turned into marketing qualified
leads and then how much at which point
they go to sales and then how many turn
into opportunities and what is the
resulting pipeline we even look to the
close rate so we we can actually drop
generate if you think of attribution of
webinars we can how much revenue every
webinar has driven and that's so we so I
think you're right and then a lot of
marketers say we the webinars done we
generated 300 leads
this was great that's not sufficient I
don't think if we are if we as marketers
want to be if we want to be full full
cycle marketers and figure out revenue
generated we need to take it all the way
to that level yeah so I would agree and
it's both a a pain point in in the world
of marketing right as in lead lead to
cash what's my attribution and be honest
that's that's a fairly complex thing to
to enable right yeah there's a lot of
people that aren't don't necessarily
have the tools or even know where to
start with regard to going how do I wait
wait a minute they also visited my
website and they downloaded a white
paper how do I even
approach attribution is right is a
challenge yes yeah so there are systems
out there so we I mean it's hard to do
this to to capture that entire lifecycle
on your own so we use some systems that
we license to do that and it is some
work too you need a good friend in
marketing ops and to instrument it and
it is some work to get that in place but
once it's in place it's like a it just
pays off time and time again as far as
what you can measure yeah yeah well yes
not unlike what you just mentioned
before right which was like hey we can
see what the relative efficacy of my
tweets were and the one with higher
likes and retweets and that kind of
thing is the one that I'll go boost
right well duh right I was doing that
thirty years ago in the direct mail
industry right you don't send out a
hundred thousand pieces of mail before
you send out a few batches of five
thousand to figure out what you're gonna
you know exactly to figure out what's
working and so being able to then follow
up and say hey that webinar was stellar
for a reason or sucked for a reason what
if whatever is it's just critical to the
process yeah just out of curiosity do
you utilize any of the downstream data
with regard to how you feed that to the
sales team for instance after they've
registered you know then you know do you
capture information when they log in or
the polling data or the quality
qualitative stuff that you know when
somebody typed in a question does any of
that make it downstream for you and so
some people do some people don't I don't
think it's right or wrong but I think
it's an opportunity it's primarily the
two things we will often do a polling
question or a webinar it could be as
simple as what confidential system are
you using or it could be what is your
familiar familiarity level on this topic
so that gets recorded and is associated
with the lead and then the other thing
is questions so if the lead asks a
question that gets associated with that
lead record so we let sales know to
check that before they follow up because
that can give you some great clues or
even give you the reason
for following up because you asked this
question we didn't have a chance to get
it answered I'm here to help you answer
that question that you asked yes let me
put a big fat exclamation point behind
that you are so right on yes because and
I think I kind of mention this before if
Bill asked this question we know what
Bill's what's important to bill and
what's is what's his frame of mind and
you know what's and to your point and
I'm just gonna I'm gonna rephrase it
back but just because I think you just
hit the nail on the head in in a really
powerful way if now Julie on my sales
team can call Bill and say hey during
the webinar you asked now I'm being now
I'm being of service and I've got a warm
intro as opposed to just being some
sales person who called right there's
somebody and I know you've experienced
this but I can't tell you how many times
I've gotten somebody who followed up and
I just want to say did you even look at
my website or - hey you attended that
webinar uh no I registered but I didn't
attend and you don't have that really
basic data so you know this is just
off-putting when it's so it's super
powerful when you do that so yeah yeah I
recently registered for some webinars
that I just couldn't attend I didn't I
actually hadn't had a chance yet to go
access the recording and then I think a
BDR or an SDR is now following me and
it's almost like it's probably an
automated sequence where they're
emailing me every two or three days to
follow up from the webinar because they
think I'm interested product and it's
almost gotten to the point where the
messaging is they're offended because I
haven't responded to them based on my
registration for the webinar so yeah I
don't like that that brand is doing more
damage in this follow-up sequence and
then having not even engaged me after
the webinar because yeah the way they're
approaching it yeah I think it's a whole
different discussion about the right
time and place for automation yeah but
one other thing I want to mention is
something that I discovered maybe a year
or two into our webinar program today
which is we will often do what's called
a product webinar where we do a demo of
our software and it's it's it's geared
towards finding people who are
considering us so it's kind of like
middle the funnel towards bottom of the
funnel and just giving them a live 30 to
60-minute run-through of the product we
are finding that maybe 20% of those
webinars are being attended by our
customers because they may not be on the
latest version of our software and they
want to see like the latest feature and
then the customers are then asking
questions so it's a great way for if you
think about customer success a great way
for us to understand what version are
our customers on and what some other
challenges are or maybe they're
interested in this feature that's in the
later release so it's been a great
vehicle for customer intelligence and
getting closer to our customers that is
a brilliant point because one common
challenge in I'll just speak to the
conferencing industry since that's what
I've been in for 20 years but it's
really common for people to go oh I
didn't know you had that feature it's
not like it's a new thing it's been in
there long time right but they get so so
so ingrained in a way of using the tool
that sometimes I'm just entirely missing
other places that you're creating value
for them and then they're not taking
advantage of it yeah exactly
post-event yeah just a curiosity what if
what do you think is either your results
or industry-wide how many people what
percentage of attendees fill out that
end of event survey oh let's see so
sometimes my answer is going to depend a
little bit on we've used a couple of
different platforms and some haven't
some have had a really nice post event
survey like the rating right and others
you might have to insert it manually so
I actually don't know I haven't tracked
the percentage for our program but I do
know I would estimate from when we were
so right now we're not we're not
currently doing it but I do love the
concept when we were doing it I would
estimate maybe twenty to thirty percent
would fill it out and I think a lot of
it has to do with the moderator or the
host to remind people and to almost give
like a the one of the things I did was
right before I clicked end is before you
go right before you leave can you please
leave us a rating so like I'm about to
shut it down and they know they're about
to leave and I'll look quickly do the
rating so maybe 20 or 30 percent but it
has been a great vehicle for us to give
feedback to our own internal presenters
and to our external presenters to say
service like this the star rating system
one to five stars we tend to get a range
from say kind of similar to Yelp three
to five three we've never had like a
perfect 5.0 right but I had one
presenter that was like a 4.8 so I would
email him saying that was you rated the
highest of any web and already done and
I think they appreciate that and even
for ones that maybe a little bit lower
like a three star maybe it's an internal
presenter I can work with them to like
coach them on maybe what we can try next
time yeah
that actually is a really good point to
just point out to anybody who's who's
watching or listening to this which is
there is no such thing as the perfect
presenter right as a guy who made my
living as a professional speaker for a
long time the some people love you no
matter what you do some people are not
gonna love you no matter what you do you
look like Uncle Joe and Uncle Joe's in
the state pen for things we don't even
talk about it family reunions and you
know and they're not gonna like you no
matter what but that's the that's a
that's a really good point but on
average we every one of us can improve
and if we're not using data to do that
that then I think part of the question
is what the heck are we doing okay you
mention you've already mentioned some
post event things posted on SlideShare
post the recording presume sometimes
take that recording and put it on
YouTube anything else post event yeah
what I like to do is I think some
webinar software has this built in or
you can use your marketing automation
software to send the follow-up email so
some people won't get as specific as
sending one version to those who
attended live and another one to the
like to know show saying sorry we missed
you and a lot of times there will be
some pre-formulated template which is
very generic like thank you for
attending here's the link
etc so I confess occasionally I'll just
just use the built in maybe it's a
standard product webinar we do once a
month but for ones that are more unique
I like to write a custom email so it's
as if you were typing up an email to a
friend you want to make a little bit
personal if you were the moderator you
want to give some of your own
observations sometimes I will even
reference a question from a great
question from an attendee I won't give
it their full name but maybe the first
name and last initial
shoutouts the presenter or maybe my own
takeaways of what the Pretender shared
and I think that possibly can drive more
response like somebody will be more
inclined to click on the recording but
if not I think it gives a stronger like
a brand experience that they've attended
your webinar maybe this is the first
exposure to your brand we've got a nice
personal email from you the moderate
computer or the predator and in Jessica
I think it goes a long way to making the
overall experience more enjoyable for
the attendee ya know i 100% agree
because watching the recording going
back and watching the recording doesn't
have that same deadline right we've all
said we've all been on you know gotten
an email from something that we
subscribe to and go oh that looks
interesting I'll get to that this
afternoon and then you know two weeks
later it's still there and I've never
got to it right because there right
there is no sense of urgency for for
doing that so I think yeah sometimes and
to be fair it I think is I think your
observation is great sometimes you don't
do it sometimes you can't do it
sometimes you know I have time to do it
but I've you know but you're right i
think that we're so used to seeing those
those automated responses that unless
you're doing something that can either
create some additional value or remind
somebody why they wanted to see that in
the big to begin with right right and
that actually is I've been up front I'm
big fan of saying hey customize those
conformation and reminder emails because
I don't you this person registered three
weeks ago they don't remember that the
three core benefits that they were gonna
get by attending was this so yeah you
know remind them what what that was
gonna be well go ahead one other quick
tip is I've been on some webinars where
it was such a hot topic and the
presenter had so much in expertise this
that your flooded with great questions
and there's no chance you're gonna ever
be able for the presenter to answer them
all during the webinar so one if I mean
that's a great problem to have
there's one thing I would do is I would
ask the presenter we've got all these
questions would you mind I'll email you
the questions and then over the next
week would you just like reply back with
with your answers and then you take that
and publish it on your blog and that's
great content cuz yeah your audience
wants these answers and you're going to
the presenters already you're engaged
with that person and if they don't mind
me a little bit of extra time do you
think as fabulous content to have on
your site yeah totally it's great SEO
stuff too because that's directly
question yeah question response oriented
stuff exactly yeah
well Dennis I have I realized that
you've got a day job so a radically
appreciate your time today any other
final closing thoughts here how do
people get in touch with you endure and
or share I mean to be fair share who
you're looking to do business with a DNN
okay so we sell primarily to midsize
organizations that are looking for a
content management system for their wet
either the public facing website maybe
even their intranet or any site we we
are running we run on Microsoft's dotnet
framework so if you're a Microsoft shop
we tend to most of our customers are
Microsoft shops you can visit our
website at DN and software.com
you can find me on LinkedIn you can also
very active on Twitter at app dich out
the shi AO so feel free to tweet me and
thanks for having me writer
well yeah certainly my pleasure and I
will also make sure I include that stuff
in the in the post when I post that okay
with that here's one thing I would love
to say to each and every one of you who
are still with us
um do honor Dennis and DNN for you know
taking a little time to share literally
a huge amount of industry experience on
behalf of a little bit of the
conversation here with event builder and
we really appreciate it so thank you
Dave Dennis appreciate that right letter



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