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by Roger Courville posted in Skype for Business, How to

How to find the actual link (URL) for your Skype for Business meeting

When you schedule a meeting in Microsoft Outlook and add Skype for Business as the meeting location, it conveniently appends the appropriate "Join Skype Meeting" hot link to the lower part of the invitation. But if you ever need the actual link of that virtual meeting room (such as when you use EventBuilder to add a registration page), finding that link is not so obvious.

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by Roger Courville posted in Business, EventBuilder Pro Services

13 rapid-fire reasons why a webinar production team will improve your business

Your webinar program is growing and you need more help. Should you hire one person to dedicate to managing all that? Or might it make sense to outsource to a team?

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by Roger Courville posted in Microsoft Teams live events

Understand the attendee UX in @MicrosoftTeams' new "live events" feature

What is the current attendee experience for a live event in Microsoft Teams? 

After we discovered a couple things by accident, we thought it useful to pass along analysis and recommendations to equip you to better produce and support webinars using this new feature..

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by Roger Courville posted in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Teams live events

What are Microsoft Teams "live events" or "broadcast meetings?" 17 quick facts.

Microsoft Teams live events enables users in your organization to broadcast meetings (video and sharing) to online audiences. Since the live events feature of Teams is new and changing rapidly, here are 17 useful things to know.

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by Roger Courville posted in Promotion

What percentage of webinar registrants attend?

If you want the number to be higher, are you working against yourself? Regardless of your individual use case, there’s a lesson here.

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by Roger Courville posted in Delivery, Online vs. Offline, Presentation Planning

Getting creative: 3 webinar engagement ideas from a pro sports game

Raffle tickets. “Kissing Cam.” Just what, exactly, might we infer about webinars from a ballgame? This is a post for those who want to challenge “normal” webinars and webcasts.

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by Roger Courville posted in Online vs. Offline, Points of Interest, Presentation Delivery

Virtual Toastmasters: What we learned from our webinar contest

Today’s post is brought to by David Carr, founder of a groundbreaking Toastmasters group that is entirely virtual. As you might imagine, this meant rethinking what a speech contest looks like. The process was well-thought out, hiccups were minor, and I thought there was something to be learned from the David's club's experience. Please join me in thanking David for sharing here.

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by Roger Courville posted in Case Studies, EventBuilder Gateway for Skype, EventBuilder Pro Services, Tools and Tips

Case study: expected (and unexpected) benefits adding EventBuilder to Skype for Business and Skype Meeting Broadcast

Are you: An organization committed to Skype for Business but struggling with a few changes it brings the org? A trainer or communicator needing to track attendance and participation for large, live communication/training sessions? An organization with executive or mission-critical meetings that need the assurance of additional support? A project owner responsible for Skype for Business adoption?

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by Roger Courville posted in Collaboration, Expert Interviews, Online Meetings, Online vs. Offline, Podcast

Overcoming friction in online meetings — interview with Michael Santarcangelo, The Security Catalyst

How do you get past friction in online meetings and get down to the real value of the problem being solved? Michael Santarcangelo specializes in working with IT organizations to get teams and projects unstuck.

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by Roger Courville posted in Case Studies, Content, Delivery, Expert Interviews, gotowebinar, NCADV, Online vs. Offline, panel discussions, Strategy, Tools and Tips, webinars

How can non-profits create more value with webinar panel discussions? Interview with Sheba McCants, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Sheba McCants is the Outreach Programs Manager at National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ncadv.org). Among the many things she juggles, she has recently taken their monthly webinars to the next level by implementing panel discussions.

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