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Should I use Twitter in a public webinar or webcast?

May 29 2012 / by Roger Courville

Filed under: Presentation Delivery

Short answer: Yes, even if you hate Twitter.

Here's why, by way of a short case study.

Last year I was part of a three-presenter speaking panel at a webinar hosted by a very large international association.

To be fair, I happen to find Twitter quite handy for my business and I'm a little biased...I'm sure it's not for everyone. But this was a webinar where we were talking about web-enabled communication.

When I asked about using Twitter, the "no" I got was in the form of, "But what if someone says something negative?"

Ironically, part of the way through the first of the three mini-presentations, the other speaker who wasn't speaking messaged me to take a look at Twitter.

Sure enough, someone in the audience audience made up their own hashtag and a chorus of others joined in the backchannel conversation.

I don't think we can put the genie back in the bottle. Even if you hate Twitter, you could be using it to enhance how you engage your audience.


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