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Steal these slides

October 16 2006 / by Roger Courville

Filed under: Life Skills, life skills, Promotion

Do you sometimes have a statistic or some research that others might like to quote as part of their presentation? Check out this subtle way to market yourself...

Create a slide (or slides) that pleasantly depict your statistic. In other words, do the work for the other person of creating a nice looking graphic, chart, or visual representation of the point being communicated.

Then make sure your LOGO is on the slide, preferably on the master slide. Most people are happy to provide you that authorial attribution.

Then make sure your LINK is embedded in the logo.

Then put your contact information (name, phone, email or website address) in the PowerPoint slide properties. (right click on the document, select 'properties' and the 'custom' tab).

Finally, begin the name of the slide deck as Steal_these_slides_title.ppt! This instantly communicates to them that they can repurpose the content.

Voila! More exposure for you.

Topics: Life Skills, life skills, Promotion

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