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Survey results: What's the problem with online meetings?

August 1 2017 / by Roger Courville

survey results - what's the biggest problem with online meetings

The biggest problem with online meeting tech is… <insert drum roll>

...exactly what we asked some people in a quickie survey.

Respondents were evenly distributed across different sized organizations, so I didn’t include that (it was question one). And the sample size wasn’t big, so take it for what it is.

That said, we here at EventBuilder like the idea of “show your work and learning,” so we’re passing along the results with a few additional comments.

The default graphs in SurveyMonkey look waaaaay better than they used to, but there is still a limit (this survey didn’t warrant the time to go create more insightful charts).

Chart_Q2_170801 (1)

In the above chart, “easy to use” and “usually works great” tied, and “helps us change how we get things done” is a close second. Nothing insightful there. “Is fully utilized,” however, was significantly lower (despite what the graph looks like).

Lesson: The industry still has an adoption problem. If these survey respondents are representative, somebody out there is leaving money on the table.

Chart_Q3_170801 (1)

According to our respondents, online meetings change behavior. Again, while not overtly apparent in the chart, the last place response was “know how to be engaging in online meetings/webinars.”

Lesson: see the next response.

Chart_Q4_170801 (1)

Finally, is the problem a technology problem or a people problem? Now there’s no room for doubt, and by a margin of 71% to 29%, participants believe it’s a people problem.

Lesson: Compare this answer with Q2 above where these same respondents rated “easy to use” highly, and this make sense. If online meetings and webinars are not difficult technologically, then the user, not the tool, is the problem.

The bottom line

Online meetings and webinars aren’t hard, but they are different. When not as successful as they might be, is this an attitude issue? An organizational culture issue? We don’t know from this survey, obviously.

One thing is for sure: no matter how valid and compelling the reasons are for any organization change and improve, there will always be somebody fighting it. And unless you think real time communication is going away anytime soon, that somebody may get left behind.


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Roger Courville

Written by Roger Courville

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