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by EventBuilder Staff posted in Business, webcast, webinar, event services, Industry, Microsoft

Open letter to virtual event services providers: why Microsoft’s Supplier Code of Conduct is good for all of us

EventBuilder is proud that our little 17-person organization is an approved Microsoft supplier. We like to think we are big enough to work with anyone, but we're small enough to keep it personal. And when it comes to managing webinar programs, we think Microsoft's Supplier Code of Conduct is something webinar professionals should take seriously (regardless of whether or not you're a supplier to Microsoft).

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by EventBuilder Staff posted in Business, Strategy

How to decide if you should outsource webinar production or program management

Organizations tend to get professional services assistance for one of two reasons: they can’t do something or they don’t want to. There are variations of those, of course (such as “we want a backup plan”).

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