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Overcoming friction in online meetings — interview with Michael Santarcangelo, The Security Catalyst

March 26 2018 / by Roger Courville posted in Collaboration, Expert Interviews, Online Meetings, Online vs. Offline, Podcast


How do you get past friction in online meetings and get down to the real value of the problem being solved? Michael Santarcangelo specializes in working with IT organizations to get teams and projects unstuck.

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Which video conferencing platforms are SMBs most likely to use?

November 9 2016 / by Roger Courville posted in Collaboration, Tools and Tips, unified communications


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Microsoft Teams: Three features worth a second look

November 8 2016 / by Roger Courville posted in Collaboration, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Slack, Tools and Tips, video conferencing


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18 things to cover in a webinar project kickoff meeting

April 30 2013 / by Roger Courville posted in Collaboration, Presentation Planning, Promotion


Kicking off any project effectively sets the tone and establishes momentum for success. Conversely, a mushy, disorganized, or lengthy beginning to the project risks implicitly communicating, "This webinar is going to be a drain on my time."

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Meet StickyNotePages, a seriously cool conferencing collaboration tool

January 21 2013 / by Roger Courville posted in Collaboration


It's pretty rare I gush with excitement. After 14 years in the web conferencing industry, most of the "new stuff" is a twist on an old idea.

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