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If you use EventBuilder for "Progam Management" services, what does the engagement look like?

March 16 2018 / by Roger Courville posted in Business, Case Studies, Observation Deck


Most people understand what 'producing a webinar' looks like. Often, however, 'Program Management" is less understood because it's simply viewed as "just a lot of individual webinars on one contract."

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Remember LiveMeeting? The memories and the legacy

January 2 2018 / by Roger Courville posted in Business, Diversions, Industry, Observation Deck


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Is there a shift coming in GoToWebinar’s value equation?

August 24 2017 / by Roger Courville posted in Content, Delivery, gotowebinar, Industry, Observation Deck


As markets mature, differentiation is increasingly found in the smaller details…and those smaller details often have an impact of significant proportion.

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Corporate evangelism: 7 reasons why webinars are the perfect tool

June 15 2017 / by Roger Courville posted in Business, Observation Deck, Presentation Delivery, Strategy


Webinars – live, real-time, do-it-without-a-net webinars – are hands down the best medium for any corporate evangelism program. Let’s get right to it.

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Secondary analysis of ON24’s Webinar Benchmarks Report 2017

June 9 2017 / by Roger Courville posted in attendance rates, Business, Industry, Observation Deck, ON24, virtual class, webcast, webinar


Imagine getting a call from the Chief Learning Officer of a country. I did once (from Canada), and she was kind and asked me pointedly about how I'd arrived at my numbers and conclusions in a paper I'd published. Why? Because the world of corporate whitepapers rarely has the same rigor as academic papers for peer-reviewed journals. Fortunately I do have that rigor ready for such conversations, even if it doesn't go into the paper. And it's from this perspective that I keep a commercial report such as ON24's in context.

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Webcams in webinars, webcasts, and virtual classes: arguments for, against, and how to think about ‘em

May 9 2017 / by Roger Courville posted in Delivery, From the Attendee's perspective, Observation Deck, Presentation Delivery, Presentation Planning



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What is a webinar? Why we're not fans of the word, and why we use it anyway.

December 1 2016 / by Roger Courville posted in Business, Observation Deck


Webinar is a portmanteau for “web seminar.” You probably knew that, but consider this:

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3 things the conferencing industry could (should) change to improve engagement

November 17 2015 / by Roger Courville posted in Business, Observation Deck

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If you could ask your conferencing vendor for anything you want to help you engage more effectively, what would you ask for? If your answer is, “I don’t know, but I know cool stuff when I see it,” you’re not alone.

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The relationship of engagement and technology in #webinars, webcasts, and virtual classes

August 13 2015 / by Roger Courville posted in Observation Deck, Strategy


“How do I engage an audience that I can’t see?” 

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You want to be excellent, but...

October 11 2011 / by Roger Courville posted in Observation Deck, observation deck, Promotion, Selling virtually, selling virtually


Let's make an assumption:  you aspire to excellence, to affect change, to take a mundane topic and inject a healthy dose of aha! into your audience's lifeblood. Awesome! Me too!

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