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by EventBuilder Staff posted in Expert Interviews, Presentation Design, Presentation Planning, Storytelling

Dual interview: presentation skills, pitch decks, and webinars -- catching up with Greg Rosner, CEO of PitchKitchen

What happens when two presentation experts interview each other back to back?

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by EventBuilder Staff posted in EventBuilder Gateway for Skype, Presentation Delivery, Presentation Design, Presentation Planning, From the Attendee's perspective

Webinars + Microsoft Surface Hub: observations from the owner team at EventBuilder

When part of your audience is in-person, and part of them are remote, how do you engage everyone? And what if one of the devices involved is Microsoft’s Surface Hub?

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by EventBuilder Staff posted in Delivery, gotowebinar, Presentation Delivery, Presentation Design, webcast, webinar, Design, virtual class, engagement, Training skills

6 ways to make a webinar or webcast more like a virtual class

There’s a time and a place for lecture or broadcast for communicating information, but we also know that they can be lower-efficacy means of adult learning. So what do you do when you are very much concerned for the learning outcomes of your audience?

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