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by Roger Courville posted in Expert Interviews, Presentation Design, Presentation Planning, Storytelling

Dual interview: presentation skills, pitch decks, and webinars -- catching up with Greg Rosner, CEO of PitchKitchen

What happens when two presentation experts interview each other back to back?

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by Roger Courville posted in Content, Delivery, Design, Presentation Delivery, Presentation Design, Storytelling

Seven rules for becoming the killer storyteller in webinars, webcasts, and virtual classes

Start with the story, then add the facts. 

by Roger Courville posted in Ask, Storytelling

How do I find stories for my webinars or virtual classes?

After a recent webinar I got this fabulous question from Liam R.:

by Roger Courville posted in Life Skills, Storytelling

Why Nick Vujicic's got nothing on you

Are you ever tempted to think this?

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by Roger Courville posted in Design, Storytelling, Tools and Tips

Why and how to start taking your own pictures for presentations

One FAQ I get is about where to find stock images for free. I'll save that answer for another blog post, because one answer I give is that you should start snapping your own pictures (check this out if you want some of my links to stuff like this).

by Roger Courville posted in Content, Delivery, Presentation Planning, presentation planning, Storytelling, storytelling

Not another "about me" slide

When should you use a 'corporate background' slide?  You know the one that starts with a bullets like this:

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