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by Roger Courville posted in Delivery, gotowebinar, Presentation Delivery, Presentation Design, webcast, webinar, Design, virtual class, engagement, Training skills

6 ways to make a webinar or webcast more like a virtual class

There’s a time and a place for lecture or broadcast for communicating information, but we also know that they can be lower-efficacy means of adult learning. So what do you do when you are very much concerned for the learning outcomes of your audience?

by Roger Courville posted in Presentation Planning, Design, Training skills

Why and how every instructional designer should include “performance notes" for virtual classroom courses

Think about how written music works. Looking at something on a piece of paper is a FAR cry from real music, right? So what do composers and arrangers do?

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by Roger Courville posted in Content, Training skills

Simple story + Excel training = memorable

Today's guest post is from Mike Hodkinson in London (contact info below). Mike was one of the book winners at a recent webinar I delivered about storytelling in the virtual classroom, and he followed up with an email about how he uses simple story to illuminate Excel training. I asked his permission to share what he sent…hope you enjoy the English accent, too. :)

by Roger Courville posted in Observation Deck, Strategy, training skills, observation deck, Training skills

Survey: training in Australia/New Zealand

Odd, but true...it's the third annual survey of usage of web conferencing in Australia and New Zealand.

by Roger Courville posted in Delivery, Strategy, Ask, ask, training skills, Training skills

Q&A: Interactivity during a live training screenshare

Hello Roger and thank you for an awesome presentation.  I’ve heard you present before and believe you have improved, if I must honestly say so (although I thought you were awesome before). :-) I did submit a question that could not get answered during or after the presentation that I would appreciate if you could offer some suggestions.

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