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by Roger Courville posted in Observation Deck, Strategy, Web Seminars, web seminars, observation deck

Six webinar myths you're too smart to perpetuate

Today you're somebody's trusted adviser.  A friend or co-worker pings you and asks you one of the following questions… how would YOU answer?

by Roger Courville posted in Delivery, Strategy, Ask, ask, Web Seminars, web seminars

Q&A: What about slow internet connections & low technology delegates?

For many of us who live around technology it's sometimes easy to forget that not everybody has "all the goodies."  It wasn't that long ago when a prospective customer mentioned to me that she still had people dialing in on rotary phones.

by Roger Courville posted in Business, Strategy, Web Seminars, web seminars

One way to start your webinar late (and get by with it)

There are some good reasons to purposefully start a web seminar a little bit late.  The best reason is that a good percentage of attendees are going to be late getting there (i.e., a previous meeting runs long, they forgot where they put the login info, or they're just tardy).

by Roger Courville posted in Content, Presentation Planning, presentation planning, Promotion, Strategy, Web Seminars, web seminars

Webinar mistake: not walking in the invitees' shoes

Imagine you're an event planner...the traditional, terrestrial kind.

by Roger Courville posted in Presentation Planning, presentation planning, Strategy, Web Seminars, web seminars

Can you live without web seminars?

More than once I've presented for the American Marketing Association on the subject of "Irreplaceable Webinars."  The primary education of the presentation is that we as marketers think in terms of segmentation, and that should include thinking psychographically in terms of time and place - our audience gets information in different ways at different times.

by Roger Courville posted in Content, Points of Interest, Web Seminars, web seminars, points of interest

Links to calculators

As I've oft noted, every business model is unique...  in yesterday's event we had audience members in the web seminar from public and private sectors, from small businesses to Fortune 50 companies, and with different audience types (internal sales or HR training vs. external product/customer training).

by Roger Courville posted in Strategy, web seminar, Web Seminars

Web Seminar Planner's Toolkit

Web seminars, webcasts, webinars...whatever you call 'em, they're projects.  Presenters and planners can find a lot of info on the web - for free - that fall into two categories:

by Roger Courville posted in Business, Content, Strategy, Web Seminars, web seminars

(Web) events are indeed projects

The 1080 Group world headquarters is a tiny office we rent (most of the crew work from home offices), so my jumping-up-and-down-for-joy was noticed by no-one.

by Roger Courville posted in Business, Web Seminars, web seminars

The telephone reminder

I heard recently (though I don't remember where) that the average B2B lead takes 21 days to follow up on.  That's obvious death.

by Roger Courville posted in Content, Delivery, Design, Web Seminars, web seminars

Web seminars as art

Microsoft Word doesn’t make you a writer. Web conferencing software doesn’t make you a web seminar wizard. Because technology gets more user friendly and templatized over time, it brings it within ever-closer reach of lower and lower tech people.

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