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(Web) events are indeed projects

January 13 2009 / by Roger Courville

Filed under: Business, Content, Strategy, Web Seminars, web seminars

The 1080 Group world headquarters is a tiny office we rent (most of the crew work from home offices), so my jumping-up-and-down-for-joy was noticed by no-one.

I was cruising Guy Kawasaki's cool Alltop site when I bumped into The Event Manager Blog espousing for terrestrial events what we've been saying for years about web events:   they're projects.

And this post entitled 85+ Tools to Manage Projects saves me a lot of research and writing...check it out.  I'd add Project KickStart to the list as one I've used and like.

BTW, the fact that webinars/webcasts are projects is why we at 1080 Group see the need for independent content... it's not just about operating software any more than planning a wedding is just about booking a church.  You need a rock solid, 360-degree perspective and performance from your planner, your promoter, and your presenter...  3 x 360 =  you guessed it.

(Web) events are indeed projects.

P.S.  Keep your eyes out.  1080 Group's Web Seminar Planner's Toolkit, the retail version, is coming soon.

Topics: Business, Content, Strategy, Web Seminars, web seminars

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