Building Events: Security

Last updated: September 8, 2020

When creating a Template or Event, the Security portion of the Event build allows Organizers to manage registration and attendance for their events. The settings can be decided upon at Template creation or Event creation, and adjusted on-the-fly to suit the situation.

Note: changes made to security settings after initial setup will not apply to any existing Event Registrants.

To create or edit a Template or Event, navigate to the Security section:

Screenshot: Template and Event creation steps, with the Security step highlighted in orange.

The Security options will appear:

Screenshot: Secuirty Step options dialog.

Select from the following:


Organizers may also choose to block an Attendee after registration or during a live event.


Let anyone register and attend

EventBuilder's default setting, this option allows anyone with a registration URL to sign up and attend.

Manually Approve Registrants Before They Can Attend

Screenshot: The Security step with "Manually approve registrants before they can attend" selected, and the options for the setting highlighted in orange below.

When Organizers select "Manually approve registrants before they can attend," a set of options opens, where 'approve' or 'deny' registrant controls are located. Organizers can also choose to set maximum capacity to limit the number of registrants. No further registrations will be accepted once capacity is reached.

Upon sign up, the Registrant will see a message reading, "Registration Pending. You will receive a confirmation as soon as the event organizer confirms your registration." 

To approve or deny pending registrations, navigate to the Security step in the Event configuration. Registrants will appear as 'Pending' until an Organizer selects 'Approve' or 'Deny.'

Screenshot: 'Manually approve registrants before they can attend' security controls, with the Status information highlighted in orange.

Once approved, the Registrant will receive a confirmation email and be allowed to attend the Event. If a Registrant is denied or left in a pending state they will not receive system-generated communication emails.

Allowlist or Denylist Registrants by Email/Domain or List

  • An allowlist allows only Registrants whose email address/domain is on the list to attend.
  • A denylist allows everyone to attend an Event except those whose email address/domain is on the list.

Select 'Allowlist OR Denylist registrants using a list.' The options will appear below:

Screenshot: Allowlist or Denylist registrants using a list Security controls, with the area for list upload highlighted in orange.


Organizers can use the controls to select Allowlist or Denylist, manually enter specific email addresses or a specific domain, e.g.,, or upload a list in .csv format. EventBuilder Security options also allow Organizers to download a manually-created list, saving effort for future events where the list is needed. 

Registrants denied access to the Event will see button text reading, "Access Denied." If Organizers would like to customize button text they may do so in the Extras step of the Event build.

Organizers can also enable the optional Registration Limit.

Allowlist or Denylist Registrants by Querying a Remote Server

The 'Query Server Allowlist/Denylist' functions the same as the list option, however, the list is hosted on a remote server. To utilize this option, Organizers must have administrator access to the endpoint server. Instructions provided within the software read as follows: 

Screenshot: Whitelist/Blacklist by querying a remote server option, with example strings highlighted.If you are not the administrator for the remote endpoint, provide the following instructions to your IT contact:

EventBuilder sends a request to your server to approve or deny registrants for a webinar. This endpoint must accept POST requests with data in either the query string or the body. The endpoint may either return an HTTP Status Code (200 = OK, anything else = FAIL) or a JSON object with success boolean variable. 

Example request:{event_id}&value={registrant_email}

Example endpoints:

Organizers can also enable the optional Registration limit.  

Require Registrants to Verify Via Email

With this option, a Registrant receives an Event email and must validate receipt by clicking the link provided. The Registrant will not receive a confirmation email with Event instructions until they have verified. 

A list of verified Registrants can be found in the Security section for your Event:

Screenshot: Verified list of Registrants in the 'require registrants to verify via email' security option.

Organizers can also enable the optional Registration limit.  

Use a Validation Question For Registrants to Enter a Custom Field/Promo Code

Organizers can set a validation question to screen Registrants via a custom value for Registration security. 

Select or create the validation question on the Engage step of your Event build, and add it to the Registration Questions area: Screenshot: Registration questions area on the Engage Step with "Enter Promo Code" question highlighted.

Note: We recommend a text box question type for registration validation questions. 

This action will associate the validation question with your Event. Complete any other engagement tools you would like to add to your Event, then select 'Save & Continue.'

On the Security step, select the validation question added on the Engage step from the drop down menu, and add applicable security question values by clicking the green '+' icon highlighted below: 

Screenshot: Security Custom Questions dialog with 'Custom Security Questions Values, the green 'plus' sign, and the 'Upload List" options highlighted.

Organizers can manually add custom security question values, or upload a list in .csv format. Choose this option for Events with multiple potential values. E.g. Employee number.

To upload a list of validation options, click on the 'Upload List' button. Select the appropriate .csv file from your computer and upload the file to your Portal.

Limit the Number of Registrants

You can set a maximum number of Registrants allowed to register for your Event. This maximum can be a hard limit, or you can allow Registrants to be added to a waitlist. When selecting 'Hard Limit,' Invitees will see a button on the registration page that states, "Maximum number of registrants reached.”

Screenshot: Controls for the Limit Number of Registrants security option.Waitlist Management

Waitlists allow Organizers to set the maximum number of Registrants for an event, and decide whether or not to allow additional registrations once the previously determined limit has been reached.

If you are allowing a waitlist, Invitees who attempt to register after your limit as been reached will see a message stating, “Registration Pending. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as the event organizer confirms your registration.” Organizers can approve Registrants from the waitlist. This addition will automatically be reflected in the 'Maximum Registrants" field.

Block Registrants

Registrants can be blocked from attendance by an Organizer at any time during the registration process, or from the Console during the live event.

Block from Show Registrants:

Navigate to the Events section on your Portal. A list of your Events will appear. Select the 'show registrants' icon:

Screenshot: an event with the option to 'Show Registrants' highlighted.

The following window will appear:

Screenshot: Registrant controls for approve/deny, redact, delete, view, or mark as attended.

Here, Organizers have Registrant controls. They can approve or deny a Registrant from the Status dropdown menu, as well as mark attendance, view Registrant information, redact the Registrant's information, or delete the Registrant. 

To block a Registrant from attending the Event, click on the drop-down menu under 'Approve/Deny' and select 'Deny.'

The following window will appear:

Screenshot: Warning window with text: "Approval/Denial action taken here will over-ride any security set at the event level. Please check the security settings for this event to ensure you are making an appropriate selection."

This means the individual Registrant is approved or denied, regardless of the Event's security setting.

If a Registrant is denied, they will not receive email notification of denied status. Organizers may choose to send notification via the Communicate step within the Event's configuration.

Block from Console During a Live Event:

During a live event, select the Attendee you wish to block from the Console's Attendance widget:

Screenshot: Attendance widget in the console with the Attendees column highlighted.

A window will appear with information about the Attendee. To block the Attendee, click on the symbol highlighted below in orange:

Screenshot: Attendee information from the Console during a live event, with the 'block attendee' symbol circled in orange.

Once blocked, the Attendee will be routed to the Registration page, and a message will display. Once this action has been taken, no additional registrations will be allowed from the blocked Attendee's registration email. (The blocked Attendee cannot re-register using the same email.)

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