Know Your Rights

As a consumer of EventBuilder's digital products, it's important to know your rights in relation to your personal data and information. 

Consumer Privacy Rights:

  • Right to Know: Consumers are entitled to be informed of EventBuilder’s Personal Information collection and use activities for the preceding 12 months. The Right to Know is both general (meaning EventBuilder must disclose this information via its Privacy Policy) and specific (meaning EventBuilder must respond to requests to disclose this information as it pertains to each Consumer who submits a request to know).
  • Right to Access: Consumers can request access to the specific pieces of Personal Information that EventBuilder holds about them. EventBuilder must provide the Consumer with copies of the Personal Information collected about the Consumer during the preceding 12 months and, if providing this electronically, it must be in a readily usable, portable format.
  • Right to Deletion: Consumers can request that EventBuilder delete some or all of the Personal Information collected about the requesting Consumer. 
  • Right to Equal Service: The Right to Equal Service prohibits businesses from discriminating against Consumers who exercise their rights. For example, a business may not deny the Consumer goods or services, charge a different price, impose penalties, provide a different level or quality of service, or suggest the Consumer will receive a different price or rate or a different level or quality of goods or services. Some exceptions are available depending on how the Consumer’s request impacts the business’s use and value of the Personal Information at issue. This memorandum does not detail the Right to Equal Service because it is not exercised via a Consumer Privacy Request, but instead must be embedded in a business’s practices. EventBuilder will contact privacy counsel if we need additional guidance.