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With the recent increased need for working, presenting, and collaborating online, implementing your plan for a remote workforce is likely on the fast track. Let our collaboration and virtual presentation experts support your transition to virtual using Microsoft Teams, Teams Live Events and Skype for Business with a free 20-minute consultation call or a customized training package to get you back to business wherever you are. 

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Manage full-featured webinar programs with the Microsoft Teams, Teams Live Events and Skype for Business you already have

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Red Wing
N. Highland

"My team has worked on more than 1300 virtual events and meetings with the crew at EventBuilder. They have technology and services, but it’s more than that: They think differently.

It’s not just what they know – it’s how they share and serve, that gives me confidence they can help you have better online meetings, webcasts or educational events."

Justin Luyt, Business Program Manager, Microsoft.
Justin Luyt, Business Program Manager


"As a professional speaker, consultant, and author, my clients have extremely high expectations for the quality of my programs. When I began to offer them virtual programs, I knew I wanted to stay focused on content and engagement.

Letting EventBuilder manage the “stage, lighting, roadies, and cameras” was a seamless experience. They even gave me more assistance with engaging my remote audience than I thought was possible!"

Shelley Row, P.cE., MBA Shelley Row Associates, LLC
Shelley Row, P.E., MBA
Shelley Row Associates, LLC

Inc. Magazine Top 100 Leadership Speaker