• Skills-oriented.

    Not a software manual; focuses first on tactics).

  • Organized for reference.

    Designed for usability (you're not taking a college course here).

  • Straightforward action items.

    No drawn-out stories about "That one time when..."

  • Foreword by a 'softie.

    Justin Luyt's a Business Program Manager at Microsoft. We think he's super smart.

  • Original Pacific Northwest artwork by the EventBuilder team

    Who needs another stock photo? We didn't think so.


Down below is where you'll find a link to the book (again, no opt-in required...a total gift to you). And when it makes sense, too, we'd be honored to chat with you about how we can help you add webinar-type features to Skype for Business or support you with our virtual event pro services, too.

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Paper ($11.95 on Amazon)

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