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Get your staff remote-ready and fully utilizing Teams or Skype for Business for meetings, presentations, and collaboration. We're an all-remote workforce and virtual meeting experts; we use Teams everyday. Let us help you make the transition to virtual smooth and painless. Here's how:

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"Ask Me Anything"-style webinars, attendees can ask questions and get straightforward answers about best practices for collaborating, conducting online meetings and presentations, as well as keeping your workforce connected and your staff strong with Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business. 

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Customized User Training:

Individual or small group Teams or Skype for Business user training customized for your business. 

Work directly with one of our virtual meeting experts to train you and your staff how to use Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business to their full potential for virtual meetings and presentations. Create a User Training package designed for your exact needs. Get in touch with us via the form below and we'll get started!