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EventBuilder Software FAQs 

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What can EventBuilder’s software features offer?

Put simply, integration and sophistication. Organizers using Teams and Teams Live Event for their webinars and large-scale conferences need advanced customizable registration, branding, source tracking, engagement tools, and reporting options to meet their event program requirements. With EventBuilder’s software subscriptions, organizers can customize their event materials for attendee data gathering, segment event invitations to target audiences, automate email communications, offer and disclose options for event privacy and security, as well as integrate accessibility accommodations into the registration process and event sessions. EventBuilder’s advanced, customized registration and reporting tools seamlessly provide the features organizers need while using the familiar Teams environment for their live and recorded events.

What do you mean by event “modes”?

EventBuilder offers you five modes: four for virtual events, and one for in-person events. You’ll have different ways to create in-depth, customized registration, enhance security, and engage your audiences:

  • Webinar Mode — The Teams or Teams Live Event experience you’re already familiar with. Interact or broadcast in the usual fashion, with the added advanced custom registration, event security, and reporting tools at your fingertips.
  • Streaming Mode* — Available to suite-level subscribers, add streaming to your live webinar. Your presenters will be in the familiar Teams environment, while your attendees view the presentation via our no-download, browser-based streaming console. Attendees can engage via chat, polls, and surveys. Simply choose “Live Webinar” mode and select, “Yes, I want to stream.”
  • Simulated-Live Mode* — Play recorded content via our streaming console, while interacting with your audience via EventBuilder’s engagement tools (available to suite level subscribers).
  • On-Demand Mode* — Extend the life of your content by allowing recorded events to be available to attendees anytime (available to suite -level subscribers).
  • In-Person — Perfect for seminars and training, add online registration and check-in capabilities with in-person event mode.

*Availability of the different modes will vary based on subscription level.

How many live attendees can EB scale for?

Because EventBuilder’s classic webinar mode works within the Microsoft Teams and Teams Live Event environment, you can host as many attendees as your Microsoft 365 license and network infrastructure can support. 

For EventBuilder Streaming and Simulated-Live modes, up to 2,500 live attendees. 

With On-Demand mode, there’s no limit.

I want to promote more than one event at a time. Is this possible?

Yes! Create listing pages and include search functionality if you wish. Group together similar events onto a single listing page and promote them via one URL. When search functionality is added to your listing page, your invitees can look for the events you offer that interest them the most. When you add (optional) Registration Efficiencies, your guests can enter their information once and register for multiple events at the same time. Perfect for multi-track conferences!

What are Event Templates?
Our Templates feature is a customer favorite. With Event Templates, you can control the layout, style, branding, functionality, and consistent event data collection across multiple events. Learn more about Templates and how they work. They’re a fantastic, time-saving tool.
Can I communicate with Registrants and Attendees using your software?

Absolutely. We designed our software to make your job easier, so EventBuilder provides built-in, customizable communication email templates you can send to Registrants and Attendees automatically. Send invitations, event reminders, “event rescheduled” or cancelation notices, post-event surveys, and more, on a schedule you determine. No need to manually send your Registrants and Attendees emails — let EventBuilder do it! Select, customize, schedule, and send.

How do you prevent “Zoom Bombing”?

Since our software integrates seamlessly with Teams and Teams Live Event, we provide you with an array of event security options to suit your needs. Whether you want to set up an Allowlist/Denylist, a manual registration approval, or other choices, such as promo code access and email verification, your events will have the proper gatekeeping tools in place to keep them secure and your attendees’ data private.

We create our products and services in keeping with standard security and privacy protocols, and EventBuilder is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (Security Information Management System)  and ISO/IEC 27701:2019 (Privacy Information Management System) certified.  That means we have technical controls, policies, and procedures in place to protect data and personal information.

I want to record my events for later viewing on demand. Do you offer hosting?

We do — and it’s even automated! When you select, “Yes, I want to record” when creating your event, our software will record and automatically transfer your event's recording to the cloud and host it, so your attendees can access any time.

How long will you host my event recordings?

For our Essential subscribers, recordings will be automatically saved to the cloud and available for 30 days. For our Suite subscribers, we host your event recordings for as long as you have a subscription with us.

Reporting tools?

Our reporting tools equip you to collect data and provide you with detailed analytics. Use our reports to evaluate your events and make informed decisions about your programming. Collect registration and attendance data, event summary information, and more. 

Want to bring your event data to life? We offer custom connectors for Power BI, Microsoft’s data visualization tool, as well as our API.

Extra features?

EventBuilder’s flexible and feature-packed software empowers you to:

  • Help make your events accessible and inclusive with live or automated closed captioning.
  • Add customized completion certificates, and secure them with a password.
  • Create event Tags to help you filter and group together events — streamline your registrations and reports.
  • Co-brand events — great for sponsor visibility — add a co-sponsor’s logo to your registration page.
  • Add source tracking — create a unique registration URL for different promotion channels to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
  • Embed your event’s registration form on your website — we generate the code, you copy and paste.
  • So much more!
What kind of support can you offer?

We won’t leave you hanging. When you become an EventBuilder customer, you receive software optimization and implementation assistance, access to a comprehensive online Knowledge Base, and 24/5 live support, with staff ready to help you across most time zones.

What if I need help managing my virtual events and conferences?

You’re in luck, because we offer professional event management and moderation services in addition to software and support. We’ll partner with you on the creation, logistics, technology, security, event rehearsals, live event delivery, technical support, and post-event analytics. Find out more about our services and the peace of mind we can provide when the stakes are high and you need an experienced team to back you up.

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