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Webinars as panel discussions: 10 ideas to make you look like a rockstar

Hosting a panel discussion using a video or web conferencing technology (e.g., Skype for Business, GoToWebinar) isn’t hard, but it is a little different. You know how we aren’t fans of the word webinar, and this is a good example of a communication use case where the most common paradigm of what a webinar is […]

9 global trends and how you might rethink your webinar program strategy

Are you leaving money on the table because your webinars are still partying like it’s 1999? There has never been a better time for using B2B webinars as part of your marketing and sales strategy. The challenge for some organizations, though, they’re still doing webinars as one offs failing to understand how a webinar program […]

Webinars in a holiday season? 7 things to think about

The virtual events business is seasonal like the traditional events business — there tend to be fewer of them. This might spell opportunity for you. Be the contrarian There’s a reason why some advertisers choose non-peak times — it’s less expensive to advertise. You may find that fewer webinars for your audience to choose from […]

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