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Three ways EventBuilder’s Gateway for Skype for Business helps you connect and engage

Skype for Business is first a calling/communication and collaboration solution, not really a webinar or webcast solution (e.g., it doesn’t have built-in registration). Skype Meeting Broadcast was designed to solve Skype for Business’ capacity limitation (practically 200-250 participants), but also lacks features that are essential to many webinars or webcasts. EventBuilder’s Gateway for Skype extends their […]

Corporate evangelism: 7 reasons why webinars are the perfect tool

Webinars – live, real-time, do-it-without-a-net webinars – are hands down the best medium for any corporate evangelism program. Let’s get right to it. Get in someone’s face. Now that I’ve got your attention, here’s what I mean. Corporate evangelists benefit from sharing a point of view, perhaps even sometimes addressing controversy or adversary. An audience […]

Secondary analysis of ON24’s Webinar Benchmarks Report 2017

Imagine getting a call from the Chief Learning Officer of a country. I did once (from Canada), and she was kind and asked me pointedly about how I’d arrived at my numbers and conclusions in a paper I’d published. Why? Because the world of corporate whitepapers rarely has the same rigor as academic papers for peer-reviewed […]

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