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What is a webinar? Why we’re not fans of the word, and why we use it anyway.

Webinar is a portmanteau for “web seminar.” You probably knew that, but consider this: Most webinars are not what most of us think of as seminars. If you went to an in-person seminar, you’d understand that it’s a learning experience. Most seminars, however, aren’t keynotes or lectures (or at least they shouldn’t be). And if […]

Which video conferencing platforms are SMBs most likely to use?

According to recent research from Laurie McCabe, Co-Founder and Partner at SMB Group, small and medium organizations are most likely to use are Citrix GoToMeeting Microsoft Skype for Business Cisco WebEx Meeting Center Google Hangouts Video conferencing, of course, tends to be used for meeting-oriented communications (versus webinar platforms such as GoToWebinar or Webex Event […]

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