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10 tactics for better interaction when the webinar audience is “listen only”

Many webinar and webcast softwares default to participants joining in “listen only” mode, and this makes sense – controlling audio is a critical part of managing a great virtual event, and a presentation is a different communication style than a conversation (like in a meeting). Sometimes, too, live audio interaction isn’t either possible or preferable, […]

FAQ: How do I create a compelling webinar invitation?

Today’s question comes in from Eduardo, and it’s a frequent question. Here you go, Eduardo. Eduardo, there isn’t, IMHO, any secret sauce here. If you don’t know what problem you solve for who and how to communicate that, it doesn’t make any difference what medium you communicate it through. Webinars do, however, have two advantages […]

Three ways EventBuilder’s Gateway for Skype for Business helps you connect and engage

Skype for Business is first a calling/communication and collaboration solution, not really a webinar or webcast solution (e.g., it doesn’t have built-in registration). Skype Meeting Broadcast was designed to solve Skype for Business’ capacity limitation (practically 200-250 participants), but also lacks features that are essential to many webinars or webcasts. EventBuilder’s Gateway for Skype extends their […]

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