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Q&A with @RogerCourville by Toastmasters District 49 and @DavidFCarr

Recently I (Roger Courville) did a short presentation plus extended interview for the gracious Toastmasters District 47. My host, David Carr, was the consummate journalist and moderator who provided me with the following questions in advance. I share so you can see how we think here at EventBuilder. Why don’t you start by telling us […]

How to decide if you should outsource webinar production or program management

Organizations tend to get professional services assistance for one of two reasons: they can’t do something or they don’t want to. There are variations of those, of course (such as “we want a backup plan”). As you explore whether it makes sense for you to hire a team to help with your webinars, webcasts, or […]

Webinars as panel discussions: 10 ideas to make you look like a rockstar

Hosting a panel discussion using a video or web conferencing technology (e.g., Skype for Business, GoToWebinar) isn’t hard, but it is a little different. You know how we aren’t fans of the word webinar, and this is a good example of a communication use case where the most common paradigm of what a webinar is […]

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