Professional Virtual Event Management Services

Comprehensive Packages Starting at $3000


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One hour live event

Services Include:

  • Capturing all event and registration needs and details from event stakeholders
  • Scheduling the event, building the registration page, and providing a registration URL to stakeholders
  • Creating attendee invitations for the stakeholder to distribute
  • Managing presenter invitations
    Provisioning and customizing life-cycle emails
  • Conducting a one-hour rehearsal/tech check/presenter training
  • Providing 2 Registration reports; 7 days and 1 day prior to the event
  • Conducting a pre-conference 30 minutes prior to event start
  • Technical support for presenters
  • Technical support for attendees
  • Live monitoring of all technologies in use
  • Moderating the live event, which includes: introduction of event, presenters and technologies
  • Guiding the Q&A process and closing event
  • Provisioning an attendee feedback survey
  • Finalizing the event archive page or restricting access as needed within 48 hours of event delivery
  • Providing a final event report, Q&A logs, and attendee feedback results within 48 hours of event delivery
  • Delivery of monthly on-demand view reports upon request
  • Registration of up to 1,000

One hour live event

Services include all Standard features PLUS:

  • Closed Captioning
  • Advanced Security
  • Extra pre-event coordination meetings
  • Extra Event Manager
  • Advance technical requirements (encoders/simulcast)
  • Registration of up to 2,000


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One hour live event with Lights, Camera, Action!

Services include all Standard and Deluxe features, PLUS:

  • 45 second teaser video for registration page and social media
  • A curated On-Camera Kit shipped directly to your door that includes:
    • HD Web Camera
    • Professional Light Ring
    • Lavalier Microphone
  • Camera engagement -learn exactly how to position and engage with the camera and gain your “It Factor”
    • Basic lighting training
    • Background curation
  • Live virtual coaching with a Storied Teams Coach to review content delivery

One hour live event 

Work with us to create the event you want to reach your goals.