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Event Producers & Marketers

As an event producer or marketer, it’s up to you to ensure your virtual event is a success. No pressure, right? Take your upcoming event to the next level while reducing stress with EventBuilder’s professional services, including event, program, and technology management.

We offer support for conferences and virtual event summits; contact us for a consultation.


Nervous about hosting an upcoming virtual event or Microsoft Teams webinar? With EventBuilder’s presenter training services, we’ll make sure you become the best virtual presenter you can be. You’ll be an expert presenter in no time.

IT Services

You’re super busy making sure your company’s upcoming virtual events go off without a technical hitch, along with all the other event tasks. Let us take this off your plate! EventBuilder offers support for technology management and technical training services, including Microsoft Teams webinar registration management, video editing and hosting, recording and more.

Mike Iem, Senior Program Manager
Azure IoT Marketing and Events for Microsoft

"We have been using EventBuilder for our partner events and have great success with the platform. The EventBuilder team is very responsive with excellent customer service. We always get a thorough answer the first time!"

Ways to Engage EventBuilder

Event Management

EventBuilder’s event management services take the stress out of planning and hosting a digital event on your own. We'll support you with full-white glove event management, technical walk-throughs and dress rehearsals, live event emcee/moderation, interaction management, and on-site support crew coordination.

We offer support for conferences and virtual event summits; contact us to book a strategy session.

Technology Management

Ironing out the technical aspects of the webinar tool can be the toughest part of managing a digital event. From email customization and registration management, to audio and video management, we’ve got your back. Plus, we also offer recording and asset management, video editing and hosting, closed captioning, multiple languages, and post-event polls, questions and surveys.

Training and Support

If you have a solid grasp on managing virtual events but just need a bit of training and support to elevate your Microsoft Teams webinar, our training and support services are perfect for you. We offer presenter training, interaction design, and dedicated live-event attendee support.

How Clients Typically Engage Us

Many of our clients seek out our services when there are high stakes involved. When they’re managing a huge event and there’s a lot riding on the event's performance, our professional event management services offer dedicated event producers, 24/5 customer support, and peace of mind.  

Clients who manage full annual events schedules also rely on our services. It can be difficult to juggle multiple events and all the tasks that come with each. In this case, having a small army of help creates greater work efficiency so they can stress less.

Many event producers and marketers reach out to us because they’re creating hybrid events for the first time. Bridging in-person and virtual can be challenging for this new frontier. Having additional training and support, and virtual events experts on hand when needed, goes a long way.

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3 Elements to Virtual Events


Technical considerations include email customization, audio and video assistance, closed captioning, registration pages, recording management, and interaction tools.


The right content keeps audiences engaged. Content required for virtual events includes emails, video scripts, presentation slides, handouts, and feedback surveys.


Large-scale virtual events require at least 2-3 staff members, including a moderator, technical support staff, and sales reps for products demos.


From registration support and reporting to event rehearsals, presenter training and tech checks, we’ll make sure everyone is ready for the big day.

We Do It


All things technical

  • Event scheduling
  • Building the registration page
  • Creating event invitations and customized lifecycle emails
  • Managing presenter invitation
  • 1-hour rehearsal with tech check and presenter training
  • Registration reporting (7 days and 1 day prior to the event)

You Do It


Content & Staff

  • Develop Presentation Content
  • Promote Event
  • Secure Event Presenters
  • Attend Rehearsals and Run-through

The day of the event can be overwhelming. Our day-of services, including pre-conferences, tech support, and live event moderation, can help you more efficiently navigate the big day and focus on presenting.

We Do It


All things technical

  • 30-minute pre-conference prior to event start time
  • Technical support for presenters and up to 500 attendees
  • Live event moderation for your 1-hour event (welcome and introduction, Q&A guidance and closing)

You Do It



  • Present Event

There’s still work to be done post-event. We’ll let you bask in the success of your event while we help you send feedback surveys, finalize event archives, and conduct attendee reporting.

We Do It


All things technical

  • Provision attendee feedback survey
  • Finalize event archive page within 48 hours of event delivery
  • Attendee reporting
Overview Of Experience

Each EventBuilder expert has significant experience in the conferencing industry. We make it best practice to lend that experience to your team, so you can plan incredible virtual events like a pro.

Dedicated Staff

When you invest in EventBuilder’s professional services, you get a dedicated contact focused entirely on your event needs for maximum efficiency and support. Plus, we’ll deploy a small army of help as needed!

Virtual Event Support Is Only a Step Away!

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EventBuilder Professional Services Process


When you’re ready to take your virtual events to the next level, we’ll start off the process with a consultation to get to know you and your brand. On this call, we ask questions about your Microsoft webinar program, your strategy, and how we might be able to help you get more out of your events.

Demo & Recommendations

If it looks like EventBuilder is the right fit for your program, we’ll get on another call to demonstrate EventBuilder software and provide recommendations based on your plan, your budget, your needs, assessment, and your specific programming issues.

Decision Call

Now we’re really moving forward! At this stage of the process, you’ll share your official “go/no go” decision with us. If it’s a go, we’ll set a program implementation time frame, discuss your first event, and identify who we’ll be working with from your team.

Kick Off

When we initially kickoff your events project, your EventBuilder program manager will coordinate and facilitate the first working session, as well as establish specific deliverables and milestones for your first webinar or event. Let’s get rolling!