At EventBuilder, leaders are more like player-coaches — every one of us is a practitioner. Each of us has long tenure in the conferencing industry, lends that experience to the team, and engages with clients one way or another.


Lauren Meyer, Chief Executive Officer
Has worked with: Microsoft, World at Work, Metastorm, Allergan
Secret power: spotting and hiring talent
On the side: singer



Renee Conlee, Chief of Customer Success
Has worked with: Microsoft, Fidelity National Services, Electric Power Research Institute, Small Business Administration
Secret power: root cause analysis
On the side: football fanatic (with the round ball, not the pointy one)


Robin Houser, Chief of Product Awesomeness
Has worked with: Microsoft, McDonalds, Brainshark, RedWing Shoes
Secret power: software program and release management
On the side: bookworm


Roger Courville, CSP
, Chief Aha! Guy
  (What is a CSP?)
Has worked with: Citrix, Fedex, US Bank, Colgate, Australia Institute of Training & Development, and many, many more
Secret power: dot connector
On the side: singer/songwriter (but not a real singer like Lauren)