Your Complete Solution for Microsoft Teams Virtual Events

Full Integration with Microsoft Teams


Full Integration with Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is the leader in business collaboration apps and online meetings. EventBuilder's suite of webinar tools offers full integration with both Microsoft Teams and Teams Live Event, giving you the power to create virtual events and conferences, webinar programs and more. Add advanced, custom registration, security, and reporting to create an end-to-end webinar and virtual events solution.

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What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a business collaboration platform that enables document sharing, online meetings, video calls, and virtual event production amongst organizational team members. Microsoft Teams is part of the Office 365 suite of products and can be integrated with certain non-Microsoft products as well.

There are several different license options for businesses looking to add Microsoft Teams to their operations. For more information, visit

Engage Your Audience with Microsoft Teams Live Events

An extension of Teams meetings, Microsoft Teams Live Event allows organizations to broadcast content to a large audience via live streams. The Teams Live Event option is designed for one-to-many communications, where a host leads and attendees view the host’s content. Audience participation is primarily through chat-based Q&A during the live event.

Microsoft Teams Live Events are perfect for:

  • Announcements and product launches - Host demonstrations, announce company information, leadership changes and more to a wide audience.
  • Conferences - Great for keynote addresses and broadcasting featured content at your virtual or hybrid conference. Teams Live Event Streaming provides reach and scale to your programming.
  • Training and Education - Professional development, schools, and certification programs enjoy the streaming functionality for broadcast educational events.

EventBuilder’s software also enables external registration, security, and reporting for Microsoft Teams events, giving you the ability to control access and gather comprehensive event data. This is a perfect solution for embargoed content or conferences that require a high level of security.

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Add EventBuilder to Microsoft Teams for the Best Virtual Event Platform

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Adding EventBuilder to Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Live Events makes your virtual events easy to produce and reach the right audiences. EventBuilder software offers full integration with Microsoft Teams and adds essential features to your events, including:

  • Secure, simple registration for event attendees
  • Security settings to help control event access. Keep anonymous trolls out!
  • Webinar recording software
  • Engagement and analytics tools

EventBuilder software comes with the backing of our world-class support team, available 24 hours a day, 5:00 pm Sunday through 5:00 pm Friday via phone or email, to help you pull off flawless virtual events.

If you need some extra hands on deck, EventBuilder also offers virtual event planning services. Our expert team can help you efficiently scale up and maximize the ROI of all of your virtual events.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Microsoft Teams

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a communications platform for teamwork that integrates with Office 365 and some non-Microsoft products (called 'apps'). Teams enhances productivity by providing a single location for users to communicate through chat, meetings, calls, and file sharing.

How is Microsoft Teams used for webinars?

Microsoft Teams Live Event provides some standard structure used in a traditional webinar environment. Examples of Teams Live Event features that would support “webinars” are options for Q&A, designating roles such as Organizer, Producer, or Presenter, as well as the option to create and archive (on-demand) recording.

It is important to note, though, that registration and other full-feature access for external webinar attendees are not currently available with the Teams Live Events feature. (That's where we come into the picture.)

How does EventBuilder keep up-to-date with Microsoft Teams?

While the EventBuilder Suite is fully integrated with Microsoft Teams, we also continue to work on improving the functionality of EventBuilder's integration with the Teams platform.
Here are three principles you can count on that guide how we think:

  • We’ll always be additive – we call it “+1,” as in “we add something that isn’t there." While Microsoft creates fantastic products, there is always room for innovation to give users what may be missing.
  • We’ll always be people-oriented. We're always listening to our customers and improving our product.
  • We're excited to continue to develop EventBuilder's suite of tools for Microsoft Teams. Since we use both EventBuilder and Microsoft Teams all day, every day, we're uniquely positioned to assess what would be most useful and helpful for YOU, our clients. We're always looking for ways to make it better.
How does EventBuilder use Microsoft Teams now?

We’re an all-virtual company, which means we're always on Microsoft Teams. Some of our favorite Teams features include:

  • History in threaded conversation. Searchable, even.
  • Dedicated OneNote. When it’s shared the way it is in Teams, collaboration happens in a whole new way.
  • In-app access to SharePoint files. No need to open a new window or program - just take a look in Teams.
  • Channels allow us to keep up with our group's activities. It's a great way to stay organized and stay in the know with our co-workers.
  • Blur-able backgrounds when using our webcams. Because when you work from home, the office isn't always in TV-studio shape, right?
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What is the difference between Microsoft Teams and Teams Live Events?

Microsoft Teams Live Events is an extension of the MS Teams collaboration platform. It allows teams to produce events for large online audiences with greater capabilities relating to video, audience interaction and reporting.

Which subscription level is required for EventBuilder to work with Microsoft Teams?

All paid Microsoft 365 subscription levels work with Microsoft Teams! EventBuilder Software was built purposefully to offer full integration with Microsoft products.

I have a Microsoft Teams Free account, can I use that with EventBuilder?

Currently, EventBuilder connects with all paid subscription levels of Microsoft 365. Integration with the free version is on our product roadmap.

What presentation options do I have with EventBuilder and Microsoft?

With EventBuilder you have the ability to choose five different presentation options, or “modes” for your virtual event production:

  • Webinar Mode — The MS Teams or Teams Live Event experience you’re already familiar with. Interact or broadcast in the usual fashion, and seamlessly add EventBuilder’s advanced custom registration, event security, and reporting tools.
  • Streaming Mode* — Available to suite-level subscribers, add streaming to your live webinar. Your presenters will be in the familiar Teams environment, while your attendees view the presentation via our no-download, browser-based streaming console. Your attendees engage via chat, polls, and surveys. Simply choose “Live Webinar” mode and select, “Yes, I want to stream.”
  • Simulated-Live Mode* — Play recorded content via our streaming console, while interacting with your audience using EventBuilder’s engagement tools (available to suite-level subscribers).
  • On-Demand Mode* — Extend the life of your content by allowing recorded events to be available to attendees anytime (available to suite-level subscribers).
  • In-Person — Perfect for seminars and training, add online registration and check-in capabilities with in-person event mode.
*Availability of the different modes will vary based on subscription level.
How do I set up a Teams Live Event?
Creating a Teams Live Event is done through the Teams desktop app. 
Create a new meeting with your event title, date, and time. Invite all team members that are presenting and producing the event, choose who will be able to attend, identify how you plan to introduce your event. After scheduling your Microsoft Teams Live Event, you will receive a unique access link to be shared with attendees.

Visit the EventBuilder Knowledge Base to learn more about Using EventBuilder with Teams Live Event!