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With EventBuilder, You Choose

Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams Live Event


Microsoft Teams Meeting

  • Interactive and collaborative feel of a face-to-face function
  • Simple, manageable presentation delivery method
  • Allows for screen sharing, whiteboard use, two-way audio attendee interaction
  • Great for internal company events (new employee orientation, cross-department training, and team earnings updates)

Microsoft Teams Live Event

  • Integrated feature in Microsoft Teams
  • Ideal for large events in a one-to-many communication format (town-hall meetings, company hands-on gatherings, conferences)
  • 3 connection types: selected groups/people, anyone with a verified Microsoft 365 email address, open to anyone
  • Offers split-screen presenter webcam/presentation content view, Q&A panels
  • Limited data gathering (data is only gathered for attendees who sign in; if attendees join anonymously, no relevant information will be included about individual participants)

EventBuilder Features

Add webinar capabilities to your Microsoft Teams meetings and events

Event Modes: Webinar, Streaming, On-Demand, Simulated-Live

EventBuilder Capabilities

  • Advanced customizable registration
  • Automatic communication emails
  • Registration and attendance reports
  • Data visualization tools
  • Event production/management
  • Enhanced security options (allowlist/denylist options, limiting the number of registrants, registrant verification)

Add registration and reporting to your Microsoft Teams Live Event streaming

Event Mode: Live streaming (up to 20,000 attendees)

EventBuilder Capabilities

  • Advanced customizable registration
  • Automatic communication emails
  • Registration and attendance reports
  • Data visualization tools
  • Event production/management
  • Enhanced security options (allowlist/denylist options, limiting the number of registrants, registrant verification)
Nicole Porter
Global Programs Engagement Leader at Microsoft

"I truly cannot say it enough, you and the team at EventBuilder have been just absolutely incredible to work with. This comes from both me & several of my colleagues that have joined as speakers from all over the globe, we all have had such a great time working with you. Your team helps to make the webinar process such an overall pleasure. I have been so grateful to collaborate with you and your team."

Mike Iem, IoT Marketing
Mike Iem, Senior Program Manager
Azure IoT Marketing and Events for Microsoft

"We have been using EventBuilder for our partner events and have great success with the platform. The EventBuilder team is very responsive with excellent customer service. We always get a thorough answer the first time!"

Virtual Conference Management from Start to Finish

in person icon
In Real Life
Webinar Mode
Available for all subscription levels

The classic, interactive experience where both presenters and attendees are in the Microsoft Teams environment. When webinar mode is enabled, all features and functionality of the event are that of MS Teams, including chat, two-way audio, and whiteboards. Auto-recording is optional in this mode.

Webinar mode is ideal for smaller events and meetings where you want your attendees to be able to talk to you.

Streaming Mode
Suite-level subscribers only

Stream presentations and videos to thousands of live attendees from a browser-based console. In this mode, the presenter is in Microsoft Teams, while the audience is all in a browser-based console with no download required. When streaming, you have total control of the audience (no talking from audience) and high privacy (attendees can’t see each other or their contact information). Auto-recording is optional in this mode.

Streaming mode is great for large meetings and broadcasts, as well as smaller events when you want to take advantage of integrated features, such as polls, handouts, and messages.

Simulated Live Mode
Suite-level subscribers only

Do more with less. Simulated-live mode enables you to play pre-recorded content while interacting with your audience in real time with polls, Q&A, chat, and handouts. It’s the perfect mix of live and recorded content.

Simulated-live mode is ideal when you want to broadcast live in different time zones and want your attendees to have the ability to ask write-in questions and receive responses in real time.

On-Demand Mode
Suite-level subscribers only

With on-demand mode, you can capture leads with registration forms on pre-recorded content, including webinars and other videos.

On-demand mode is best for evergreen content that your audience can view on their own time. As a result, it’s ideal for large, diverse audiences in different time zones and on different schedules.

in person icon-1
In-Person Mode
Available for Essential and Suite-level subscribers

For events that take place 100% in real life, use EventBuilder in-person mode. Of course, you won’t be presenting in front of a screen, but you’ll still be able to use EventBuilder to add in-person events to your listing pages, manage registrations, send out calendar invites, and send attendees automated email communications before and after the event.

Use in-person mode for live, on-premise events.

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The Ultimate Virtual Events Checklist

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