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Overview of Virtual Conference Services

Virtual conferences and summits are complex online events that require months of planning, preparation, and promotion. If you’re learning how to host a virtual conference for the first time, it can be overwhelming. These events typically last for an entire day or run over several days, and include multiple speakers, a variety of different types of content, and breakout sessions.

When it comes to virtual conference planning, you’ll have a lot to consider, including the number of sessions you’ll want to cover, whether admission will be paid vs unpaid, how to get sponsorships and monetize the event, and how to ensure the entire conference goes smoothly from one speaker to the next, from one session to the next.

We can help take the stress out of virtual conference planning.

Virtual Conference Management from Start to Finish

Technical Setup
And Production
Host &
Technical Setup _ Production

Technical Setup
and Production

You’ll need a high-quality virtual conference solution to ensure your big conference or summit goes off without a hitch. The last thing you need is technical glitches, slow speeds, and production problems negatively affecting your event. Technical considerations include email customization, audio and video support, closed captioning, recording management, and interaction tools. You’ll need some tech pros on your team to pull off a successful virtual conference.

Host _ Moderators

Hosts &

Your virtual conference will require a master-level moderator for the entire event, as well as separate hosts and moderators for each individual session.

Be thoughtful about the subject matter experts you ask to join the conference, and ensure each host has adequate speaker training and presentation skills to provide an interactive, entertaining, and educational experience for your attendees.



Content for virtual conferences and summits includes everything from the initial website landing page, registration emails, and promotional assets, to the individual scripts, Q&As, polls, and presentation content for each session. Expect to spend dozens of hours preparing content, handouts, and presentation slides for the big event. You’ll need writers, an editor, and designers for content creation.

How EventBuilder Can Support Your Virtual Conference Planning


Virtual Conference
Program Management

If you’re learning how to host a virtual conference for the first time, EventBuilder’s professional program management can take the stress out of planning it on your own. We can support you with full-service management, including technical walk-throughs, dress rehearsals, live moderation, attendee interaction management, and support crew coordination.


Effective technical support is critical to ensuring the big day runs smoothly. It pays to partner with EventBuilder to ensure the technical aspects of your virtual conference or summit are managed professionally. From audio and video management to closed captioning and multiple languages, we’ve got the technical stuff covered.


Speaker training can take your conference from good to great. EventBuilder offers presenter training to give your speakers the confidence they need to succeed on screen. We also offer interaction design and dedicated live-event attendee support to give your guests a great conference experience.

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From registration support and reporting to event rehearsals, presenter training, and tech checks, we’ll make sure everyone is ready for the big day.

We Do It
Group 8

All things technical

✓ Event scheduling
✓ Building the registration pages
✓ Creating event invitations and customized lifecycle emails
✓ Managing presenter invitations
✓ Rehearsals with tech check and presenter training
✓ Registration reporting (7 days and 1 day prior to the conference)
You Do It
Group 8 Group 10

Content & Staff

✓ Develop presentation content
✓ Promote conference
✓ Secure event presenters
✓ Attend rehearsals and run-throughs

Group 1735

The day of the event can be
overwhelming. Our day-of services,
including pre-conferences, tech
support, and live event moderation,
can help you more efficiently
navigate the big day.

We Do It
Group 8

All things technical

✓ Pre-conference check prior to event start time
✓ Technical support for presenters and attendees
✓ Live event moderation for your conference (welcome and introduction, Q&A guidance and closing)
You Do It
Group 10


✓ Present Conference

Group 1736

There’s still work to be done post-event. We’ll let you bask in the success of your virtual conference while we help you send feedback surveys, finalize event archives, and conduct attendee reporting.

We Do It
Group 8

All things technical

✓ Provision attendee feedback survey
✓ Finalize event archive page within 48 hours of event delivery
✓ Attendee reporting

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