12 Gift Ideas For People Who Work From Home

Is your favorite remote employee in need of some excellent swag for their home office? Since 100% of us here at EventBuilder work remotely, we gathered our must-haves to create this ultimate gift guide for the work-from-homers on your list. 

The Practical One

Is their headset old and taped together, a leftover from the pre-pandemic era? Then it's time for a cool new wireless one!

Wireless Headset:External Amazon Link: Jabra Wireless Headset. Talk untethered with this Jabra headset, optimized for Microsoft Teams

EventBuilder Holiday Gift Guide | Jabra Evolve Teams Optimized Wireless Headset

Lauren, EventBuilder CEO: "I might buy it next for myself!"

The Fidgeter

For the two-track brain types on your list (uh...raising my hand🖐️), give them the gift of focus with these ideas.  

Desktop Fidget Tool:External Amazon Link: Desktop Fidget Tool. The adult equivalent of a fidget spinner, this one offers multiple ways to keep your recipient's two brain tracks operating in harmony. 

EventBuilder Holiday Gift Guide | Desktop Fidget Tool

Renée, EventBuilder COO: "A must have for me, I need something to fidget with in my hands while I’m on meetings to help me focus."

Wobble Stool:External Amazon Link: Wobble Stool.  The perfect companion for that standing desk they got last year.

EventBuilder Holiday Gift Guide | Wobble Stool

Karen, Content Creator: "I find regular desk chairs confining and uncomfortable. The less confined I am and able to move around, the better I think. My wobble stool is perfect!" 

The Health-Conscious One

Foldable, Under Desk Walking Pad:External Amazon Link: Foldable Under Desk Walking Pad. Keep 'em movin' with an under-desk walking pad. Help them maintain their exercise plan even when the weather is terrible and it's dark at 4:00pm.

EventBuilder Holiday Gift Guide | Foldable Walking Pad

Crystal, Senior Event Producer, Event Services: "I love my walking pad because it allows me to focus on my health, even on days I can't get outside. Just slide it under the desk and get to walking!"

Desktop Fan:External Amazon Link: USB desktop Fan. USB-powered desk fans are a summer must-have for the temperature-challenged on your list, and great for a quick cool-down after putting away your walking pad. 

EventBuilder Holiday Gift Guide | USB Desktop Fan

The Work-From-Home Roamer

Wireless Mouse:External Amazon Link: Wireless Mouse. More comfortable than a laptop track pad, a wireless mouse lets them take their computer off-leash. 

EventBuilder Holiday Gift Guide | Wireless Mouse

Laura, Event Services Program Manager: "A wireless mouse gives me more flexibility to work comfortably from any spot in the house!"

The Gotta Be Comfy One

Foot Rest/Support:External Amazon Link: Foot Rest/Support. Very few things feel as good as a nice, squishy-but-supportive place to put tired feet. Bonus points if it's adjustable!

EventBuilder Holiday Gift Guide | Adjustable Foot Rest

The Cozy is KEY One

Wearable Blanket Hoodie:External Amazon Link: Wearable Blanket Hoodie. For the "runs chilly" person on your list, a wearable blanket hoodie. Stay warm and carry on.

EventBuilder Holiday Gift Guide | Wearable Blanket Hoodie

Desktop Heater:External Amazon Link: USB Desktop Heater. Why crank up the thermostat for the whole house when they can keep your fingers warm right next to their keyboard? 

EventBuilder Holiday Gift Guide | Desktop Space Heater

Adrianna, Senior Event Producer, Customer Care Agent: A desktop space heater and wearable blanket make my workspace warm and cozy while still allowing me to move around and get work done without being restricted.

Heated Foot Warmer:External Amazon Link: Heated Foot Warmer. Never let icicle toes keep them from concentrating ever again.  

EventBuilder Holiday Gift Guide | Heated Foot Warmer

Fingerless Gloves - Made by hand with love by Customer Care Manager, Zoe Head. There's always room for handmade gifts!

EventBuilder Holiday Gift Guide | Hand-crocheted Fingerless Gloves

Nicole, Software Success Manager: "One of my top home-office essentials is a pair of fingerless gloves that weren't store-bought but made with love by a colleague. When my office turns into an icebox, throwing on those crocheted gloves and a heated spot for my feet is the perfect way to stay warm, happy, and totally in the work zone."

The Zen Seeker

Loop Earplugs:External Amazon Link: Loop Noise Reducing Earplugs. Noise is a work-from-home occupational reality. Dampen or block out ambient noise (lookin' at YOU, leaf blower people!) with these low-tech-but-awesome earplugs.

EventBuilder Holiday Gift Guide | Loop Engage Earplugs

Karen, Content Creator: "Love my Loops! They're super handy when my family is home watching TV, etc. while I'm working. I'm still aware of what's going on around me, but I'm better able to stay focused."

The Pet Lover

Desktop Kitty Bed:External Amazon Link: Desktop Kitty Bed. They just want to be with their person, directly in the way of whatever their person is doing. Solve that issue with a desktop option.

EventBuilder Holiday Gift Guide Desktop Kitty Bed

Lauren, EventBuilder CEO: "...so my kitty can sleep next to me instead of on my keyboard.

Mascots Sold Separately

Here we see EventBuilder mascots, Joey and Chandler, vying for the power position on CTO Robin's desk. Get those kitties their own desk buckets, Robin!

EventBuilder Holiday Gift Guide | Robin CTOs cat mascots Joey and Chandler

Enjoy Shopping and Happy Holidays

We had fun putting together this list for you! Give your event organizers the gift of EventBuilder software and services, and add the essentials to Teams and Teams Live Event you need for full-scale, professional webinars and virtual events. Get connected with us today!