Pride at Work: Seen, Heard, Valued

At EventBuilder, our values are people-first, compassion for others as well as ourselves, and integrity. Our goal is to embody these values by nurturing an inclusive workplace culture, encouraging everyone who works for us to bring their whole, authentic selves to work. In honor of Pride Month, we're taking this opportunity to highlight the history of Pride Month, shine the spotlight on "Why We Pride," and introduce you to some of our amazing LGBTQIA+ team members.

EventBuilder, Inclusion, and Pride 

When we say "people-first," we mean all people. At EventBuilder, "people-first" means we welcome, value, and stand for the inherent beauty, talent, and dignity of everyone, regardless of gender identity, expression, or sexual orientation. As humans, being seen, heard, and valued for who you are is a core need, even in a professional setting. We believe embracing authenticity and honoring individuality brings out the best in all of us, driving success.

This open-minded and open-hearted approach to maintaining an affirming company culture fosters a safe and respectful work environment, allowing everyone to fully express their talents, offer their unique perspectives, and grow both personally and professionally. This ethos of enthusiastic and caring acceptance in both personal and professional settings is more important than ever as the political climate darkens for LGBTQIA+ individuals throughout America and the world. 

The History of Pride

Pride Month celebrations can be traced back to June 1969 in Greenwich Village, New York with The Stonewall Riots Opens in new tab.. At that time, queer Americans faced legal and interpersonal discrimination, marginalization, and physical danger. There were few establishments welcoming gay people during the 1950's and 1960's, however, The Stonewall Inn was known as a popular spot among New York's queer residents. Unfortunately, police raids were common in this era and the Stonewall was no exception. After a post-midnight raid on June 28th, police were overrun and the crowd that had assembled outside the bar, in protest of their on-going mistreatment, began to riot. Protests continued for several days, and in the following weeks and months the communities came together to form political activist groups, advocating for LGBTQIA+ individuals to be open about their sexual orientation without fear of being arrested, and advancing their rights.

The first anniversary of The Stonewall Riots was marked by peaceful demonstrations in several cities, including New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. These early "Gay Pride" marches grew and evolved into what we know nationally as Pride Month.

Ways to Support Your LGBTQIA+ Colleagues

Despite the landmark 2020 Supreme Court ruling Opens in new tab. that federal civil rights law prohibits discrimination against employees on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation, the reality is that LGBTQIA+ individuals still face workplace bias. A Human Rights Campaign Opens in new tab.  report exploring the experiences of queer professionals found that "46% of respondents are still closeted at work." A 2021 LinkedIn report Opens in new tab. found that 31% of LGBTQIA+ employees have faced blatant discrimination and/or microaggressions at work. 

What can you do as a co-worker to contribute to a safer and more inclusive work environment for your fellow team members? Lots of things, big and small! Here are five to get you started:

  1. "Say gay." Be open, curious, create space for and recognize your co-worker's marriages, children/family, personal stories, and lived experiences. Silence is not neutral.
  2. Offer LGBTQIA+ -inclusive benefits, for example, extending benefits options to same-sex spouses and partners.
  3. Identify your preferred pronouns in your email signature, Teams profiles, and other official company correspondence.
  4. Publicly celebrate Pride! Maintain that visibility year-round.
  5. Support volunteering for LGBTQIA+ causes and activities.

EventBuilder is proud to support Seattle PrideFest Opens in new tab. as a Community Sponsor! We're also thrilled to volunteer at the Seattle Pride events for the second year in a row as part of our Quarterly Days of Service community impact initiative. (Also: so much fun!)

EventBuilder at PrideFest 2023

The EventBuilder delegation at Seattle PrideFest 2023, featuring Production Manager LA Kendall LaBree, COO Renee Conlee and her daughter, Rosa, Event Manager Chris Demetras-Collier, Client Relationship Manager Chris Ellis, and Senior Event Manager Diana Maloney.

EB Team Members: What Pride Means to Them

LA Kendall LaBree, Production Manager and Contributor to the Marketing Team: "For me, Pride means celebration and activism coming together, keeping the spirit of the Stonewall Riots alive. I think people forget that Pride started as a riot. It was born out of fighting back. It was a major turning point in queer history and our fight for civil and legal rights." 

Chris Demetras-Collier, Event Manager: "Pride is all about celebration, acknowledgement and fun! It is a golden opportunity to unapologetically celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community. We come together in strength and live without fear."

Erik Schwab, Sales Representative: "For me, Pride Month reminds me of the tremendous amount of progress that we've made as a community since the first brick was thrown at Stonewall and that I've made since I came out over a decade ago! It's a time to celebrate with my queer friends and allies! It's also time to reflect and speak on the inequality and discrimination that still exists in our world, namely against trans folks and queer people of color."

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Join us on June 26th at 10:00 am Pacific for this month's Building Connections webinar! We're chatting with the Executive Director of Seattle PrideFest, Egan Orion, on 'Why We Pride,' and you'll meet some of our most excellent colleagues and allies about what Pride means to them.

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Why We Pride blog post image

People First: Now More Than Ever

We stand with our queer co-workers with pride (and Pride!) We feel honored to work with and call our LGBTQIA+ team members colleagues and friends; EventBuilder wouldn't be as open, welcoming, vibrant, fun, and awesome without them. Learn more about us and how we embody our core values: Community Impact Statement.

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