The Ultimate Virtual Events Checklist

The Ultimate Virtual Events Checklist: 2024 and Beyond!

2023 and 2024 have seen In-person events come roaring back to life in this post-pandemic era. Equally important, virtual events and webinars have taken their rightful place alongside them and are a key strategic marketing element for businesses looking to connect with their customers. We've updated our Ultimate Virtual Events Checklist to give you the latest need-to-know info for successful webinars and virtual events each time, every time.

Get the best practices info you need to:

  • Audit your current event tech stack
  • Integrate new technology strategically
  • Look at in-house staffing resources or explore outsourcing
  • Fight virtual event burnout
  • Accessibility & inclusion for your event design - this is a necessity!
  • Nail down your event marketing and communications plan 
  • What to do with all that juicy data you collected post-event

We've been in the virtual events and webinar space for decades, and we're sharing our knowledge and experience with you! This is a must-have resource for your upcoming virtual events and webinar programming. Download it today.