The Wow Factor: Level Up Your Virtual Event Production

Look Professional and Leave a Lasting Impression

Virtual events and meetings have established themselves as a part of everyday life for many of us. As our dependence on virtual events rises, so do audience expectations. Relying on a laptop mic and camera simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Virtual event planners that differentiate themselves from the competition now need professional-level tools and to deliver high production value. To stay ahead, it’s time to level up your production and leave the right impression.

There are three levels of virtual event production: standard, prosumer, and professional. How you level up your production will be unique to your needs, the expectations of your audience, and the overall value virtual events and meetings contribute to the success of your organization.

Download the EventBuilder whitepaper: The Wow Factor: Level Up Your Virtual Event Production to get a handle on the virtual event tools and technologies available to take your events up a notch.

In this whitepaper, we will guide you through:

  • The basic needs of any virtual event, from the hardware and software requirements to the people and processes involved
  • Understanding video and audio quality
  • Equipment essentials for each level of virtual event production
  • Deciding when to level up your virtual event production
  • Developing an events road map to identify which upgrades will pack the biggest punch

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