Why EventBuilder?

Whether we’re helping you and your presenters rock your own webinar programs with our software, producing the program for you with our services team, or some combination of the two, we understand how to help you succeed in engaging your audiences and delivering results.

By and for Microsoft users.

EventBuilder offers full integration with Microsoft Teams and Teams Live Event, extending their functionality with registration pages, security, cloud recording, reporting, and more.

We’ve got you covered.

Testimonial from Katie Rodriguez, Patriot Consulting Technology Group

Because our suite of webinar tools and professional services work seamlessly with these platforms, you can focus more on your content and less on logistics. We’ve got your back.

Product developed by power users.

When you produce more than a thousand virtual events a month, you know not only what a webinar software suite requires, but what extra touches will make your events stand out from the crowd. We know webinars because that’s all we do, and it shows in our product and program management services.

Women-owned and led.

Our managing partners and 80% of our employees are women. We believe that gives us a unique perspective on how to rock tech and provide the level of service you want from a technology company. 


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