Why EventBuilder?



Whether we’re helping you and your presenters rock your own webinar programs with our software or we are producing the program for you with our services, or some combination of the two, we understand how to help you succeed in engaging your audiences and delivering results.

Here’s why we’re confident we can earn your trust, too:

A commitment to people

Everybody says they have great services, of course, but when it comes to webinar program management, who makes it prominent on their website? Most software companies are driven by investors who want to push software. Professional services are buried in the footnotes -- people get buried in the footnotes. 

EventBuilder people are real people driven by serving real people. Like you. EventBuilder testimonial from Katie Rodriguez, Patriot Consulting Technology Group-1

Product developed by power users

When you produce more than 1000 virtual events a month, you know not only what a product requires, but you pay attention to those little details that never make it onto some datasheet that really make it sing. We know webinars because that’s all we do, and it shows in our product.

By and for Microsoft users

EventBuilder extends the functionality of Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and Skype Meeting Broadcast, so we know those platforms rather expertly, too. We focus only on webinars and only on Microsoft products, and you know how unheard of that is when your mission is engagement more than IT specifications. Oh, and do you want a team that’ll be ready to guide you in doing virtual events using Microsoft Teams when it’s ready for virtual events? We’d be honored to help. 

Women owned and led

All of our managing partners? Women. 80% of our employees? Women. In the technology industry, you know how rare that is. And we’re proud of not only how we rock tech, but how it shapes us to serve people like you differently.