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13 rapid-fire reasons why a webinar production team will improve your business

January 7 2019 / by EventBuilder Staff

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Your webinar program is growing and you need more help. Should you hire one person to dedicate to managing all that? Or might it make sense to outsource to a team?

We will admit a bit of bias on this, of course, but here are 13 quick points to help you think through the business impact of a hiring decision.

Compared to a team, one person can’t as effectively...

  1. Cover two events that overlap.
  2. Cover a global program or large time zone spread.
  3. Moderate a lot of questions during a live event.
  4. Be “live” in front of an audience and simultaneously handle a support request.

A dedicated vendor can...

  1. Give your decision maker an immediate promotion – with a trusted relationship, the vendor’s team can take what you ‘throw over the fence’ and allocate the right people to get done what you need.
  2. Help you make your other stakeholders more effective – do you have an agency that needs to optimize promotion, a presenter who needs help to better engage audiences, other stakeholders who need specialized reports?
  3. Apply specialist talent for needs that come up only occasionally (e.g., video editing, or a unique reporting request).
  4. Tackle tasks simultaneously instead of sequentially – a vendor can “spin up” or “spin down” as needed (example: need to get a couple dozen events published and promotable in a short time? Need someone to cover an event in 24 hours because there’s a big PR opportunity or disaster?).
  5. Have automatic, direct support escalation (you don’t have to ask, and they will have direct access to the right talent to solve the issue)

All of which delivers a positive business impact, some of which is less-than-obvious...

  1. An individual employee who comes in early or stays late is less available during regular business hours.
  2. Onboarding employees takes time and money.
  3. Is something not working out? Letting an employee go bears expense and risk. Severability with a vendor is simple.
  4. Only pay for what you use – a vendor’s not sitting around on Friday afternoon when you have no webinars or getting paid to go to a company BBQ.

The bottom line

To be fair, we realize there are arguments for hiring an internal employee anyway – you can easily redirect them to some random project, and if you need more people on your side of a political game, well… 😊. And we realize that your department may not actually bear the direct cost of some things (like onboarding).

The good news is that if you speak with EventBuilder, you’ll find an oddly refreshing perspective of “only doing business with you if it makes sense for all involved” (versus “get your biz at any cost”). We’re rather proud of that. 


Topics: Business, EventBuilder Pro Services

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