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Karen Mares

Karen is an Event Producer and the Content Creator here at EventBuilder, writing blogs, website and email copy, knowledge base articles, whitepapers, and more. When not word nerding, she enjoys hiking, reading, singing, wine, true crime podcasts, and getting lost down interesting internet rabbit holes. Despite her (in)famous name, she promises she won't ask to speak to your manager.

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How to Find the Actual Teams Meeting Link

by Karen Mares posted in Microsoft Teams, tools and tips

How to Find the Actual Teams Meeting Link

It may not be super obvious where to locate the Teams meeting link when you're scheduling a meeting (or event) from Outlook. Since the link is important, you'll want to know where to find it, so you can build your event in EventBuilder. Good news! We're here to help. 

The Future of Virtual Events 2023

by Karen Mares posted in webinars, Industry, virtual events

The Future of Virtual Events 2023

While the events industry is making space for in-person events again, their online counterparts aren't fading into the background anytime soon. What does 2023 and beyond look like for virtual events? Pull up a chair and let's chat about it.

Getting Started with Virtual Event and Webinar Program Management

by Karen Mares posted in Virtual Event Management Services, webinars, virtual events

Getting Started with Virtual Event and Webinar Program Management

While it's true that in-person events are ramping back up, virtual and hybrid events aren't going away. They've become a vital part of the events landscape and are still on track to continue their growth. According to recent research conducted by Vimeo, 72% of survey respondents indicated they plan to attend at least the same number of online events as they did during lockdown.

Maintaining on-going strategy, technical management, and delivering a consistent brand experience for your attendees while developing high-quality content consistently is daunting. Is it time to consider hiring a virtual event program services provider? Learn the essential elements to effective program management and how EventBuilder helps create and design managed programs, from first contact to implementation and beyond.

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