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Are Your Virtual Events Truly Accessible?

by Karen Mares posted in virtual events, accessibility

Are Your Virtual Events Truly Accessible?

People with disabilities spend half a trillion dollars annually. That's $500,000,000,000. The U.S. Office of Disability Employment has noted that people with disabilities are the "third largest market segment" in the United States. Collectively, they are a market that is often overlooked and underestimated, and absolutely should not be dismissed. 

When we provide tools for access, we invite people to bring a unique perspective, set of skills, and insights to the table, virtual or otherwise. Unfortunately, the lack of truly accessible and inclusive experiences is frequently a barrier to inclusion and full participation, in both physical and digital spaces. Keep this question in mind as you plan online events: Are your virtual events truly accessible? Let's close the gaps in your accessibility plan.

Instantly Power-Up Your HR Programs Using Teams

by Karen Mares posted in Microsoft Teams, How to

Instantly Power-Up Your HR Programs Using Teams

We know Microsoft Teams is a power player in the online collaboration program space, but do you know how to leverage all it has to offer your human resources initiatives? Teams has so much potential to help you plan, train, teach, and inform your company's employees, from recruiting to exit interviews. You already use Teams for communication and collaboration, so why not see what else you can do with it?

How to Host an Awesome Virtual Town Hall

by Karen Mares posted in How to, virtual events

How to Host an Awesome Virtual Town Hall

Your all-company meetings are a great opportunity to synchronize your messaging, build company culture, and generate some enthusiasm for your latest endeavors. If your employees walk away whispering, "this could have been an email," you may want to rethink your strategy. Let's show you how to host a virtual town hall your team will actually want to attend.

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