API Key and Secret Logins

Last updated: August 20, 2021

API Key and Secret functionality provides developers, data and reporting personnel, and others with secure access to the EventBuilder API for application and reporting customization using API calls directly. 

To learn more, please see our Terms of Use and APIs Terms of Use.  

API Key and Secret Data Access

For individuals assigned Organizer-created API Key and Secret logins, they will have access to event data associated with the Organizer's User Account.

For individuals assigned Administrator-created API Key and Secret logins, they will have access to data from across the Portal.

Adding API Key and Secret Login Access

In the upper right corner, click on the gear icon to access your Account Profile

Screenshot: Upper right navigation options with the Gear icon highlighted.

Navigate to the bottom portion of your profile. In the API Key and Secret section, click on the green 'plus' button:

Screenshot: API Key and Secret dialog with green 'plus' button highlighted.

The following confirmation dialog will appear:

Screenshot: API Key and Secret use agreement confirmation.

Image text: By requesting an EventBuilder API key and secret, you agree to be unconditionally bound by our Terms of Use and to use the API key and secret in strict compliance with our API Policy. Accept/Decline.

Click 'Accept' to confirm acceptance of terms and compliance. The following will appear:

Screenshot: API Key and Secret creation dialog. Fields: Description, API Key, API Secret.

Click the link icon(s) and save the newly created API Key and Secret in a secure location.

Next, in the Description field, give the API Key and Secret a name/details. Click 'Save.'

Screenshot: API Key & Secret information with the Description field completed.
The saved API Key and Secret will appear in a list with the API Secret obscured:
Screenshot: Saved API Key & Secret appearance.
Note: Organizers cannot recover a lost API Key and Secret. Organizers should delete the lost API Key and Secret and create a new one.

Deleting an API Key and Secret

To delete an API Key and Secret, simply click on the trash icon:

Screenshot: API Key & Secret login with the trash icon highlighted.


As a courtesy, EventBuilder will send a reminder about the API Key and Secret after one year and an option to delete.