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Karen Mares

Karen is an Event Producer and the Content Creator here at EventBuilder, writing blogs, website and email copy, knowledge base articles, whitepapers, and more. When not word nerding, she enjoys hiking, reading, singing, wine, true crime podcasts, and getting lost down interesting internet rabbit holes. Despite her (in)famous name, she promises she won't ask to speak to your manager.

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5 Ideas For Standout Hybrid Events

by Karen Mares posted in Hybrid Events

5 Ideas For Standout Hybrid Events

Planning hybrid events or conferences? How do you bridge the divide between the in-person and virtual attendees? According to marketing research firm Markletic, 71.1% of event organizers surveyed say this is their biggest challenge when designing and programming their hybrid events. So what's a savvy organizer to do? Here are five creative ways to program hybrid events that give you an edge in the game.

Simulated-Live Mode: Great Content, Less Work

by Karen Mares posted in tools and tips, EventBuilder Streaming, Simulated-Live

Simulated-Live Mode: Great Content, Less Work

Presenting the same content over and over again is literally and virtually exhausting. But, what can you do? Virtual and hybrid events are still on an incredible growth trajectory and popular topics presented by sought-after presenters aren't getting a rest anytime soon. We're starting to hear about "presentation fatigue." (Think 'zoom fatigue' only with more talking and "on" time.)

5 Good Things About Virtual School Events

by Karen Mares posted in virtual events, accessibility

5 Good Things About Virtual School Events

One of the biggest challenges we faced during the pandemic? K-12 education. While there's been quite a bit of digital ink spilled over whether virtual learning was effective overall, stories of how virtual school events lowered the barriers for entry into parent-school partnerships for many families and increased parent participation haven't been getting the same attention. Let's take a look at some of the good we gained from virtual school events.

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