She Builds, We Connect: EventBuilder Powers Up For the WBENC Conference!

The buzz is electric here in Denver! The energy is palpable as thousands of women leaders from across the country converge for the WBENC Conference. EventBuilder, a proud certified women-owned business with an impressive 80% female workforce, is right in the heart of it all, and ready to make waves!

The Power of Women Building the Future

But why are we here, you ask? The answer is simple: because we believe in the power of women building the future. 

At EventBuilder, we see firsthand daily the magic that happens when women come together, share ideas, and empower one another. It's more than fostering connections through our virtual event platform; it's about nurturing connections within a vibrant community of women entrepreneurs and innovators. 

WBENC Conference EventBuilder Dream Team

Renee, Lauren, Erik, Nicole, and David ready to rock WBENC! 

Unleashing Opportunities: Our WBENC Journey

We're not just passive attendees! We're here to: 

  • Learn from the Best: We're eager to soak up knowledge from industry titans, thought leaders, and fellow WOB owners. Their journeys, challenges, and triumphs will undoubtedly fuel our own growth and inspire us to reach even greater heights. 
  • Build Meaningful Partnerships: Collaboration is key to success. We're excited to connect with other WOBs, explore potential partnerships, and forge alliances that will propel all of us forward. Imagine the impact when brilliant women join forces! 
  • Amplify Our Voices: We want to share EventBuilder's story – a story of a company built by women, for everyone. This conference is a platform to showcase the power of women in tech and inspire the next generation to dream big. 


A Celebration of Female-Driven Innovation

The WBENC Conference isn't just about business - it's a celebration. It's a chance to see the sheer force of female-driven innovation and entrepreneurship. It's a reminder that we're not alone in this journey – we're part of a vast and vibrant network of women re-writing the rules of engagement. 

So, as the opening ceremonies approach, we're brimming with excitement! We can't wait to learn, connect, and be inspired by the incredible women who are shaping the future. Stay tuned for updates throughout the conference, and let's celebrate the power of #WBENC together!

EventBuilder's WBENC Conference Hub

Learn more about EventBuilder and our exciting conference-related experiences! 

  • Your WBENC Conference Hub page: Your central spot for information about us, our totally fetch exhibitor booth (#614) and the activities, swag, and special offers for you. Sign up for our Spring Fling Mini-Webinar coming up on April 10th, where we're giving you insider info on making the most of your new connections post-conference!
  • Follow us on Instagram: Find out what we're up to day-to-day from our booth at the Exhibitor Expo and more! 
  • Here on the EventSmarts blog: Get recaps and insights from conference sessions, meet-ups and celebrations!