WBENC Day 1: Inspiration, Connections, and Cupcakes (Yes, Really!)

Greetings from Denver, fellow #WBENC sisters and allies! The EventBuilder crew is here and we're thrilled to have kicked off the 2024 WBENC Amplify Conference with a whirlwind of inspiration, connections, and ... wait for it ... really delicious cupcakes!

Setting the Stage: Sweet Treats & Strategic Insights

Our day started with a bang! We transformed booth 614 into a hub of EventBuilder magic, excited and ready to showcase our innovative event management platform and world-class services to fellow WOBs and potential partners. Our neighbors, the lovely folks from Misha's Cupcakes (Miami, Florida – be sure to check them out!), welcomed us with a delightful box of treats – the perfect fuel for a busy day of learning and networking.

WBENC 2024 Mishas Cupcakes

Power Breakfast with Chala Dincoy

Later, we joined a select group of women entrepreneurs for a breakfast sponsored by Allison Kube with Capital One. The guest speaker? The phenomenal Chala Dincoy , a marketing strategist with a wealth of knowledge. Chala's insights on building a strong marketing strategy were invaluable, and the conversation that followed was electric. Our very own COO, Renee, and strategy consultant, Rob, even managed to snag another meeting with Chala later in the afternoon to delve deeper into some specific marketing challenges. 

Empowering Keynotes & Inspiring Stories: 

The WBENC kickoff event was a powerhouse of inspiration. Stephanie Beveridge, President of Chevron Pipeline and Power, delivered a powerful message about self-care. Her words resonated deeply: self-care isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. We all need to recognize our limits and set healthy boundaries to thrive, both personally and professionally. 

Kimberly McHugh, Vice President of Rockies Business Unit for Chevron, followed with a passionate talk about her incredible journey from working on oil rigs to becoming a VP. Her story is a testament to the power of perseverance and dedication. 

The day continued with valuable insights on capital funding from Wells Fargo representatives.

WBENC Opening Keynotes

A Champion for Inclusion: Nellie Borrero Takes the Stage: 

The highlight of the day, for many of us, was Nellie Borrero's keynote address. Nellie, a champion for inclusion and author of the recently released book "Unwavering - Rejecting Bias, Igniting Change, Celebrating Inclusion ," shared her personal journey of overcoming bias in the workplace. Her message of building inclusive organizations that empower all voices resonated deeply with the entire audience.

Celebrating Sisterhood & Building Connections:

The evening brought a regional networking event for the Pacific Division of WBENC This was a fantastic opportunity to connect with other women-owned businesses in our region and share experiences.

Dancing the Night Away:

After a delicious dinner, we capped off the day by letting loose and dancing the night away to the energetic Jakarta Band.

WBENC Sneaker Jam

Day 1 Takeaways for WOBs & Corporate Partners:

As we head into Day 2, we're energized by the inspiration and brimming with connections we've made so far at WBENC. This conference is a goldmine for women-owned businesses, offering opportunities to:

  • Gain valuable insights: From marketing strategies to self-care tips, the WBENC offers a wealth of knowledge to help WOBs thrive.
  • Build a strong network: Connect with like-minded women entrepreneurs, forge strategic partnerships, and expand your reach.
  • Showcase your business: Whether you're exhibiting or attending workshops, the WBENC provides a platform to showcase your talent and capabilities to potential clients.

Calling All Diversity Champions:

For corporate partners seeking diverse suppliers, the WBENC is a treasure trove of talented women-owned businesses across various industries. At EventBuilder, we're proud to be a certified WOB, and we're passionate about helping businesses create seamless and engaging virtual events. 

But wait! There's So Much More!

Stay tuned for Day 2 updates! We'll be sharing more inspiring stories, valuable takeaways, and maybe even a few more delicious treat encounters. Follow us on Instagram for the best of conference moments!

Let's continue to connect, empower, and celebrate the power of women-owned businesses.