How to Find the Actual Teams Meeting Link

It may not be super obvious where to locate the Teams meeting link when you're scheduling a meeting (or event) from Outlook. Since the link is important, you'll want to know where to find it, so you can build your event in EventBuilder. Good news! We're here to help. 

Get the Link for Your Microsoft Teams Meeting/Event

Step 1: Select "New Teams Meeting" from your top ribbon in Outlook. 

Step 2: Fill in the details for your meeting/event.

Step 3: This one is important! At the bottom of the New Meeting invitation window under "Microsoft Teams meeting," you'll see "Click here to join the meeting." 

Screenshot: Three steps for creating a Teams meeting and finding the actual link.

The bottom of the invitation window provides information about your meeting/event, including a hyperlink that reads, "Click here to join the meeting." That's your official Teams meeting link.

Screenshot: Microsoft Teams Meeting link information. Transcript: "Microsoft Teams Meeting. Join on your computer or mobile app. Click here to join the meeting. (hyperlinked, circled with an arrow pointing to it.)) Learn More (hyperlinked) Meeting options (hyperlinked).

Hover your mouse over the hyperlinked words ("Click here...") and right click. A window will pop out. Click on the option “Copy Hyperlink.”
Screenshot: Pop-out menu from right clicking on Teams hyperlink - "Copy Hyperlink" is circled with orange arrows pointing to it.

The Teams meeting link is now copied to your clipboard. To build events in the EventBuilder software, create a new Event and paste the Teams link into the appropriate field on the Schedule step in your Event build.

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