Enterprise-Grade Virtual Event Security with EventBuilder

Strong virtual event security helps your bottom line, protects your attendee's personal information and data, helps ensure accurate data for event reports, and lowers your stress level significantly. Less stress on purpose? We call that self-care.

Once the term 'Zoom Bombing' became part of our common pandemic-era vernacular, virtual event security concerns took center stage. From 2019 through 2022, EventBuilder saw a 535% year-over-year increase in our customer's security-enabled events. The conversation surrounding your customer's personal information and privacy isn't going away any time soon. Offering a range of options for you to secure your events to suit your needs is central to our mission and a robust feature our software offers.

Our Privacy and Security Credibility

We take the privacy and security of your data seriously, so we've implemented internal procedures and processes that we continually monitor and improve upon. We do this through reviews, certifications, on-going employee training, and ensuring we stay in compliance with applicable laws regarding the processing of your data. Here are the receipts:

What Makes Our Security Different?

Available for all subscription levels, EventBuilder's enterprise-grade security for virtual events and webinars includes:

  • Masked Microsoft Teams URL - Your registration page link is created by our software and masks the actual Microsoft Teams link, keeping your Teams tenant secure.
  • Unique Attendee Access Link - The default setting for all subscription levels. Upon completing their registration, a Registration Confirmation email is automatically sent to your registrant. Contained in the email is an event access link that is 100% unique to the individual registrant, regardless of what other security options are configured for your event.
  • Mix-and-Match Options - For our Suite subscribers, choose the combination of security settings that best fits your specific event from our main security options and add-on selections. 

EventBuilder Security

EventBuilder prioritizes the ability for Organizers to secure their virtual events and webinars, protect company and attendee information, and customize the available options to fit the event's security requirements. Whether it's a classic Teams webinar, EventBuilder streaming, or Teams Live Event, the flexible tools you need to keep the bad actors out are right at your fingertips. 

Security Options

There are seven primary security options available, which Organizers can set at the Template level or Event level:

Screenshot: Security Step options. (Described in text)

  • Let anyone register and attend - Anyone with the registration page link can hop on and enjoy your event.
  • Manually approve registrants before they can attend - Be the gatekeeper! Receive email notifications of pending registrations and approve or deny based on your criteria. 
  • Allowlist or Denylist registrants using a list - Upload your list and let EventBuilder's software automatically screen registrants by domain and/or email address. A great option for an employee-only/internal event. 
  • Allowlist or Denylist registrants by querying a remote server - For techy-type Organizers, this option automatically screens registrants by querying a remote server.  Note: This option requires Organizers to have administrator access to the endpoint server. 
  • Require registrants to verify via email - Attendees are granted access to your event after verifying their identity with the email address they used to register.
  • Use a validation question for registrants to enter a custom field/promo code - Screen registrants by a custom value you set; they'll enter it at the time of registration. 
  • Limit the number of approved registrants with a waitlist - Set a maximum number of registrants. Once that number is reached, any additional registrants will be placed on a waiting list. You can adjust your max anytime. 


Add-ons are available to combine with your main security selection above.  

Screenshot: Add-ons - Limit the maximum number of registrants, 2-factor Authentication, Registration Close Date, Registration Cancel/Edit Deadline, Content Expiration.

  • Limit the maximum number of registrants - Keep attendance manageable by placing a hard registration limit on your event. 
  • Two-Factor Authentication upon joining - Require registrants to enter a one-time access code to join your event, via email or text.
  • Registration Close Date - The event's registration button will change to 'Registration Closed' on the date you choose; an excellent option for busy Organizers to stay on top of registration approvals.
  • Registration Cancel/Edit Deadline - This add-on option prevents registrants from editing or canceling their registration after 12:00 am on the date you specify, based on the registrant's time zone. 
  • Content Expiration - Don't let your out-of-date content hang around and decay - with this option the event page will be deactivated on the date selected. 

You can combine any or all of the add-on options with your main security selection to customize event security to your specific needs. EventBuilder's software has the additional advantage of providing a simple, intuitive interface that allows you to set up your event security in seconds. Need to make a change? Switch to a different security option quickly and easily.

Live Streaming Event Controls

If you happen to experience trolls during your live event, our moderator console for EventBuilder Streaming events provides your moderators with tools not only to engage audiences via chat, polls, and surveys, they can communicate via direct message to the offending attendee, as well as remove any attendee who is causing trouble from the event.  

Privacy and Security Are a Big Deal

Keeping your virtual events and webinar programs secure from bad actors and troll-types gives you a competitive edge in this crowded space, and we've got your back. Take your Microsoft Teams-based virtual events, add our registration, security, automation, and analytics, and build a complete, end-to-end secure virtual events solution. Contact us to learn more External Link: Contact Us to Book a Consultation. today!