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by Roger Courville posted in Business, Case Studies, Observation Deck

If you use EventBuilder for "Program Management" services, what does the engagement look like?

Most people understand what 'producing a webinar' looks like. Often, however, 'Program Management" is less understood because it's simply viewed as "just a lot of individual webinars on one contract."

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by Roger Courville posted in Expert Interviews, Presentation Planning, Promotion

How do I generate leads with webinars? Interview with expert Dennis Shiao of DNN Corp.

Dennis Shiao is the author of Generate Sales Leads with Virtual Events, former marketing directing inside the webinar industry, and now practitioner and marketing director for DNN Software, a .NET CMS solution provider. In this interview with Roger Courville Dennis answers questions like...

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by Roger Courville posted in gotowebinar, Presentation Delivery, Presentation Planning, presentation planning, webcast, webinar

Webinar computer crash in front of 1000 people -- now what?

You’re in front of 1000 people doing a live demo. Your computer takes the proverbial dump. Now what?

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