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Innovative Solutions: Uninterrupted Video Playback

October 2 2019 / by Karen Mares

Filed under: Software Update Release

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Resource management across networks can be a complicated issue for System Administrators and users. As EventBuilder has grown and released V2 of our software, it became increasingly clear to us that our Attendees stream events from a wide range of network configurations, and we needed to ensure event delivery consistency regardless of their individual network protocols. We understand their IT departments need to make decisions on resource allocation based on a variety of factors, including managing demand and service level agreements. What that can mean for Attendees is the possible interruption in video streaming during their event, both live and on-demand.

Faced with the issue of event delivery vs. network setups, we needed to consider a way to respect both the Attendee's event experience and the networks that stream them. Because video content is an important element in event presentation, a spotty, uneven, and interrupted playback is frustrating and disruptive to both the Attendee and Presenter. Realizing we had a potential issue affecting event delivery on our hands, EventBuilder got to work. 

Making Sure Attendee Video Playback is Seamless

In a recent release, our development team provided an innovative solution for this potential interruption. By changing the configuration of the EventBuilder's bot, we've made it possible for video playback to be unaffected by individual network configurations. EventBuilder's bot joins the Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business meeting and makes recordings, creates streams, and gathers intelligence for your event reports. With this new addition, the bot will now download video content before playback as well, ensuring smooth, uninterrupted video for Attendees and Presenters. 

Robin Houser, EventBuilder's Chief of Software, has a knack for anticipating what may lie ahead and rallying her software development team to devise smart solutions for our customers and event Attendees. She says, "the internet is an ever-changing eco-system, and EventBuilder's 'round-the-clock monitoring and agile development cycle allow us to respond to changes quickly." 

Additional Enhancements

Because our work here is never done, our development team recently released several feature enhancements in addition to the video playback solution. Here's what's new:
  • Gauge Your Marketing Efforts: We're helping you focus your marketing efforts by adding Source Tracking to Listing and Search Pages.
  • Better Intelligence: Your Event Summary Report now includes unique recording views. Watch for an upcoming release where this information will also be included in the Registration Summary Report.
  • More Security: Portal Administrators can now select secure reports. With the feature enabled, Event reports are sent via email as a password-protected .zip file. A second email is then sent containing a randomized password for access.

Flawless Webinar Delivery 

Together with Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business, EventBuilder's suite of services and software creates a complete webinar solution, giving you the event management tools you need and the results you want. Let's show you what EventBuilder can do!

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