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What's New With EventBuilder

September 3 2019 / by Karen Mares

Filed under: Software Update Release

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It's been a while since we've been in touch here on the blog, but we've been working away at some exciting product enhancements and are excited to share them with you. Let's take a look at your new tools!

New Layout Options

We heard you, and now Organizers can choose from three Registration Page layout options; the familiar Classic, and two new choices: Marquee and Clean. Marquee highlights the Title of the Event for Invitees, and the Clean layout offers a streamlined look so Invitees can focus on important registration information right away.


EventBuilder new layout option: Marquee - event info along the top.


new EventBuilder layout option: Clean. Registration form on the side.

A Better Event Summary Report

We know how important data collection is for your post-Event reporting, so we added several new columns on the Event Summary Report to give you a more complete picture. The new columns indicate if streaming, recording, security, and/or Closed Captioning are enabled as well as how many Presenters, Moderators, and Organizers have been configured for Events.

Added columns to Event Summary Report: streaming, security, recording, closed captioning, and PMO count.

Additional Resources

Organizers can now add additional information on Registration Pages, such as links to company information, supporting information related to the Event's subject matter, etc, Links will appear in the "Contact Organizer" area on the right. 

Links to additional resources on Registration Pages

Require a Unique Email For Each Registration

Keep those Attendee rosters accurate! An Attendee may attempt to register for the same Event more than once if they misplace their original confirmation email. Now, automatically help them recover the information they need and  keep the Attendee roster accurate. 

Require a unique email for each registration button now available

With this option enabled, if an Attendee tries to register for the same Event with the same email address, they will receive the following message:

Attendee notice that 'Duplicate Email 'Found

Add to Calendar 

Attendees will now see a reminder to add an Event they've just registered for to their calendar. 

Event Reminder pop-up for attendees to add to their calendar

Closed Captioning Indicator

The Information icon will now show an indicator to alert when Closed Captioning is turned on for an Event, helping you ensure Attendees have the access they need to get the most out of your Event.

A small indicator on the Attendee view that Closed Captioning is enabled

Event Tags 

On Search Pages, Event Tags are now unchecked by default, allowing Invitees to search for the Events they want to register for by topic. This puts the power of Search Pages back in their hands. 

screenshot of search page with unchecked tag options

Streamlining the EventBuilder Experience

Additionally, we made a few changes to ensure your experience with EventBuilder is smooth and seamless:

  • Events now have a 15-minute minimum duration.
  • We've improved the functionality of emails in Templates to communicate much better with you. Email delivery timing will now read 'disabled' if not in use.
  • Dialog boxes will now stay open when a User highlights and/or copies text within it.

Painless Webinar Delivery

Together with Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business, EventBuilder's suite of services and software creates a complete webinar solution, giving you the event management tools you need and the results you want. Let's show you what EventBuilder can do!

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