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Last updated: February 18, 2020

Successful Events provide opportunities for Presenters to engage audiences with questions, polls, surveys, and more. Adding these elements to Events also allows Organizers to collect data, gaining insights into their audiences for reporting. Here, Organizers have several options to create a meaningful, interactive experience for Presenters and Attendees.

Screenshot: Event Detail with 'Engage' highlighted.

A Note About Templates

When building an Event based on a Template, Files and Questions added at the Template level cannot be removed from Events built on the selected Template. Organizers can add Files and Questions to suit their indvidual Event. Explanatory text is included in the software:

Screenshot: Note on Event Files section. Reads: Templates enforce consistent collection and dissemination of information. Files and questions set on a template level cannot be removed from event creating using that template.

Learn more about Templates



Organizers may add files to their Events to share information such as Privacy Policies, course outlines, presentation slides, and other Event information they would like to share with Invitees and/or Registrants.

To add a File to your Event, click on the green '+' sign:

Screenshot: Event Files function with the green 'add' button highlighted.

The 'Select File' window will appear. If the File you wish to add to your Event already exists on your Portal, locate the File in the list and click 'Select.' The File will now be attached to your Event.

To upload a new File to your Event, click on the 'Upload File(s)' button. Browse to your File's location and select the File you wish to add. The newly uploaded File will appear on your list. Click 'Select' to add the File to your Event. 

Screenshot: Select File window with the 'Upload File(s)' button circled and an arrow pointing to the 'Select' button.

Once the File has been added, choose when Registrants will be able to access the selected File. Options are 'After Registration' and 'Always.'

If 'After Registration' is selected, Registrants will have access to the file once they have signed up for the Event. If 'Always' is selected, the chosen file will be accessible to anyone with the Registration Page URL.


To delete the selected file, click on the red trash icon. 

Screenshot: File availability options with 'After Registration,' Always,' and trash icon highlighted.

Unified Question Bank

A powerful feature unique to EventBuilder, the Unified Question Bank is a database repository for questions, polls, surveys, and other audience engagement options that Organizers can use and reuse before, during, and after an Event. By streamlining the set up of audience engagement options, Organizers save time and maintain consistent messaging and data collection across Events.  

A key benefit to the Unified Question Bank is its flexibility. Supported types of questions include: 

  • Text (alphanumeric)
  • Dropdown
  • Radio button 
  • Checkbox
  • Statement
  • Acknowledge

Organizers can add their own questions, polls, and surveys to their Templates and/or Events, or choose from the options already available in Unified Question Bank.

Registration Questions, Polls, and Surveys

Organizers can select from the Unified Question Bank for each type of Engagement tool.   

Registration Questions

Note: The 'Require Unique Email Per Registration' option helps eliminate duplicate registrations, ensuring more accurate reporting. 

To add Registration questions to your Event, click on the green'+' highlighted below:

First Name, Last Name, and Email Address are required and listed on all Events by default.

Screenshot: Registration Questions dialog with the "Require Unique Email Per Registration' radio button highlighted, as well as the green 'add' icon circled.

To add a Question already in the Unified Question Bank, click 'Select.' 

Screenshot: Select question window with the 'select area highlighted and an arrow.


The selected Question will be added to your Event:Screenshot: Selected question added to Event highlighted with an arrow and a circle around the Display Order box, Required checkbox, and Trash icon.

Click the 'Required?' checkbox to make the Question mandatory if desired.

To create a Question to add to the Unified Question Bank and your Event, click on the 'New Question' button:

Screenshot: Select Question search field with the "New Question' button highlighted.

The Create Question window will open:

Screenshot: Create Question dialog box.

Enter your Question (required). Then, choose your Question Type:

Screeanshot: Question Type dropdown menu selections.

When you select Dropdown list, Radio button, or Checkbox, an Answer section will appear below Question Type/Question Name fields: 

Screenshot: Answer fiels with green plus sign and Display Order options highlighted.To add an answer, click on the green '+' sign. Enter your answer in the field that appears. Arrange the order of the answers in the Display Order field to the right of your Answer field.

Next, enter a Question Name that will display on your Reports. We recommend creating a Question Name that will be easily identifiable on your Reports.

Click 'Save' to return to the Engage window. Your newly-created Question will appear in your Questions list. Add the Question to your Event by clicking 'Select.'

Polls (For Streaming Mode and Simulated-Live Mode)

Poll questions can be created ahead of time or on-the-fly and launched to Attendees during the Live Event by the Presenter, Moderator, or Organizer.

To add a Poll, click on the green '+' button. Follow the instructions for adding and/or creating Questions as described above.

Screenshot: Polls area on the Engage section of the Event build.

Screenshot: Select Question window with the 'New Question' and 'Select' buttons highlighted.

The Poll is now added to your Question Bank and your Event.

Survey Questions

Surveys provide valuable feedback Organizers can use to refine and improve their Events. A link to Event surveys can be added to communication emails at any time during the life of the Event. Organizers may want to survey Registrants prior to their Event to help Presenters tailor their content, or afterward to gain post-Event insight. 

To add an Event Survey, click on the green '+' sign.

Screenshot: Survey Questions function with the green 'add' icon highlighted.

Follow the instructions for adding and/or creating Questions as described above.

Screenshot: Select Question window with the 'New Question' and 'Select' buttons highlighted. You can now send the survey to anyone using our built-in emails. Your Survey URL can be found in the Registrant Variables tab in the Communicate section of your Event build:

Screenshot: HTML editor in Communicate section with FX database variables button highlighted, and the variable selection window open with Survey URL option highlighted.


Pre/Post Stream Music

Organizers can choose to play recorded music pre- or post- Event when Streaming mode is chosen. Note: Available for Suite-level subscribers only.

Click the radio button to enable the music stream option. 
Screenshot: Enable pre- and post- Event music, with upload functions.Click 'Browse' to open the File window:

Screenshot: Select File window with the 'Upload File(s)' button circled and an arrow pointing to the 'Select' button.

Select the music File you wish to add to your Event, or upload your MP3 file. Once uploaded, click 'Select' to add the new MP3 file to your Event. 

Please be aware of the following copyright/fair use disclaimer, which states: 

The use of music involved in these webcasts is at the sole discretion of the user. All rights covered under Section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976. Allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. EventBuilder does not own, nor is responsible, for the use of music associated with this course, and in no event shall be liable for any use or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss of damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arishing from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of music for this webcast.

Screenshot: Copyright/Fair Use disclaimer

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