Building Events: Extras

Last updated: September 8, 2020

The last step in building Events, the Extras section provides Organizers the opportunity to add Event Tags, a unique Listing Page image, create completion Certificates, and more.

Screenshot: Event Detail menu, Extras link highlighted.

Adding Event Extras

Listing Page Image
Source Tracking
Certificate Creation
Registration Page Action Button Labels
Web Page Embed Code
Closed Captioning
Template Changes
Pre and Post-Event Music


Tags help Organizers filter and group Events together for a variety of purposes, including streamlining multiple Event Registration, combining a series of Events on a single Listing Page, and Reporting. 

Note: Presently, Tags can only be added at the Event level. 

Learn more about Tags

Click on the dropdown to open the list of available Tags, or to create a new Tag: 

Screenshot: Tags dropdown menu with available Tags highlighted.

The number appearing next to the available Tags indicate how many Events are currently associated with the Tag. 

Click on the Tag you wish to add to your Event from the list.

To create a new Tag, click on 'Create New Tag' 

Screenshot: Tags dropdown menu with Create New Tag highlighted.

A dialog window will appear at the top of the screen: 

Screenshot: New Tag name dialog box.

Create a Tag name and click 'OK.' Your new Tag will be added to your Event. If you wish to remove the Tag from your Event, click on the trash icon highlighted below:

Screenshot: Event Tags list with trash icon highlighted.


For co-hosted Events. Organizers can add an additional company's logo and URL redirect on their Registration pages on an event-by-event basis. The logo appears on the upper right corner on the page ribbon.

To add an additional logo to your Registration Page, click on the 'Browse' button:

Screenshot: Co-Branding image interface. Transcript: "This image will appear in the upper right corner of the Registration Page, allowing you to co-brand an event with a secondary logo."

Your File Repository will appear. Either select from a file already saved, or upload a new logo file, then click 'Select'

Screenshot: Select File dialog window,.

The new logo will appear in the 'Co-Branding Image' box. Next, add the redirect URL in the space provided:

Screenshot: Co-branded logo image with redirect URL field highlighted.

Next, add the redirect URL in the space provided:

Screenshot: Co-Brand Logo URL Redirect field.

The co-brand logo will now appear on your Event's Registration Page.


Listing Page Image

Organizers can select a unique image for their Listing Page with this function. (Optional) The image appears on the Listing Page next to the Event Title. The Listing Page Image can also be set at the Template level for consistency across Events. Optimal size: 255 px x 200 px.

To choose or add a Listing Page Image, click on the 'Browse' button:

Screenshot: Listing Page Image function with the 'Browse' button highlighted.

The 'Select File' window will appear. If the image you wish to add to your Event already exists on your Portal, locate it in the list and click 'Select.' 

To upload a new image, click on the 'Upload File(s)' button. Browse to your File's location and select the image you wish to add. The newly uploaded image will appear on your list. Click 'Select' to add the image to your Listing Page.

Screenshot: Select File window with the 'Upload File(s)' button circled and an arrow pointing to the 'Select' button.

Learn more about Listing Pages.

Source Tracking

Source Tracking allows Organizers to evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing campaign efforts by creating a unique URL for each of the channels used to invite Attendees. Organizers can use this information to track where their Registrants are coming from when they register; such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Organizers can add as many unique URLs as fits their needs.

To create Source Tracking URLs for your Event, type the Event source (e.g., LinkedIn) into the text field provided.Screenshot: Source Tracking dialog.

Click on the green '+' to add to your Source Tracking list. Using the icons next to the Source, you can copy, save or delete the Source link created.

Add the link(s) where you want to promote your Event and track the source of Registrants. The campaign source will appear on your Event Registration Report. 


Create customized Completion Certificates for Event Attendees: 

Screenshot: Enable Event Certificate button.

Click on the "Enable Event Certificate' button. The following window will appear: 

Screenshot: HTML editor for Event Certificate creation.

Edit the content you would like in the HTML editor. Images, links, and styles can be added or changed. Click on the FX button to select Event and/or Registrant variables to add to the Certificate:

Screenshot: HTML editor toolbar with FX button highlighted.

See a list of all available database variables

Share the Certificate URL with your Attendees at the end of your Event. 

EventBuilder recommends posting the Certificate link as a message or announcement during your Event, or in your post-Event email to Attendees.

Screenshot: Completion Certificate URL circled, with a call out to highlight it.

Registration Page Action Button Labels

Organizers can customize the text on action buttons included on Registration Pages. The buttons are dynamic based on the cycle of the Event and functional as-is. However, Organizers can edit the label copy if they wish.

Note: Each button label must be unique. Duplicate action button labels will cause an error. 

To edit Action Button Labels, click on 'Show/Hide:' 

Screenshot: Registration Page Action Button Labels section with Show/Hide highlighted.

The following window will appear: 

Screenshot: Button Labels edit box.

Click in the text field of each label you would like to change. The new copy will appear on your Event's Registration Page.

Embed Code

Organizers have the option to embed their Event's registration form to provide a consistent look and feel with their website or other HTML-supported asset. 

Copy the code (in red) included in the window provided, and paste where appropriate on your website.

Screenshot: Embed code window for adding an Event's registration form to an Organizer's website.

Once added, the Registrant will see this displayed, and can register for your Event as usual with a form based on your Event's Registration fields: 

Screeenshot: embed code implemented on a website - what a Registrant sees.

Closed Captioning

Organizers can order Closed Captioning for their Events as an additional paid service. Closed Captioning services include live captioning during your Event, captions included on the archive recording, a WebVTT file, and an editable transcript. EventBuilder's captioning services are compliant with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans With Disabilities Act.

For further details and instructions on ordering Closed Captioning for your Event, see Closed Captioning Instructions.

Screenshot: Closed Captioning Order function with 'Order Closed Captioning' button highlighted.

Change Template

This function gives Organizers the opportunity to change their Event's Template without having to rebuild from scratch. An Organizer may find that a different Template on the Portal is a better fit for the type of Event they are building. With this function, they can change the Template without losing any of their previous Event settings.

Note: Changing an Event's Template does not change the Event type/mode.

To change your Event's Template, click on the dropdown menu:

Screenshot: Change Template function with drop-down open and a Template highlighted.A list of available Templates will appear. Select the Template you wish to change your Event to, then click 'Apply;'

Screenshot: Change Template dialog with 'Apply' highlighted.

The selected Template's settings will then be applied throughout your Event's build. EventBuilder recommends reviewing all settings after changing a Template.  

Pre/Post Stream Music

Organizers can choose to play recorded music pre- or post- Event when Streaming mode is chosen. EventBuilder offers two original compositions for pre/post-event music selection: Indie Chill or Bossa Nova. Organizers may also upload their own music selection. Note: Available for Suite-level subscribers only.

Selecting EventBuilder's Pre-loaded Music:

Click on the blue drop-down menu labeled 'No Music Selected'

Screenshot: Pre/Post-event music selection dialog.

Choose the composition you wish to add to your Event:

Screenshot: Music selection drop-down, Indie Chill is selected.

Once selected, the yellow 'play' button will allow you to hear a preview of the music. 

Uploading a Recording For Your Event

From the drop-down menu, select 'Choose Another..."

Screenshot: Music selection drop-down, with 'Choose Another' highlighted.

The following dialog will appear:

Screenshot: Choose audio dialog.Click 'Browse' to open the File window:

Screenshot: Select File dialog with the 'Upload Files' and 'Select' buttons highlighted.

Select the music File you wish to add to your Event, or upload your MP3 file. Once uploaded, click 'Select' to add the new MP3 file to your Event. 

Please be aware of the following copyright/fair use disclaimer, which states: 

The use of music involved in these webcasts is at the sole discretion of the user. All rights covered under Section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976. Allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. EventBuilder does not own, nor is responsible, for the use of music associated with this course, and in no event shall be liable for any use or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss of damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of music for this webcast.

Screenshot: Copyright disclaimer.

When finished with the Extras section, click 'Save' on the bottom left to complete your Event build. 


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