2-Factor Authentication

Last updated: December 16, 2020

EventBuilder takes privacy and security seriously. As part of that on-going commitment, we've added the option for Administrators to add 2-factor authentication to their EventBuilder Portal.

2-Factor Authentication Options

Administrators can enable 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) on their Portal with the following options:

  • Administrators Only - Only Administrators will use 2FA when logging into the Portal.
  • Administrators and Organizers - Administrators and Organizers (paid User Accounts)
  • All Users - All Users, including Guest Accounts (Moderators and Presenters) 

Adding 2-Factor Authentication to Your Portal

To set 2-factor authentication for your Portal, you must have Administrator privileges. 

In the top right of your Portal Dashboard, click the 'Portal Configuration' icon: 

Screenshot: top menu on Portal Dashboard with "Portal Configuration" option highlighted.

Navigate to the Branding section on your Portal Configuration.

Screenshot: Portal Configuration options, 'Branding' highlighted.

Scroll down to the Portal Login Security section, and click the 2-Factor Authentication drop down menu:

Screenshot: 2-Factor Authentication drop down menu, displaying options.

From the 2-Factor Authentication drop-down menu, indicate the 2FA option you would like to adopt: Administrators Only, Administrators and Organizers, or All Accounts. You will receive an email once it has been enabled.

Verification Options

Once 2-Factor Authentication has been enabled, Users will be prompted to select where they will be sent a one-time access code.

Log into your Portal with your username and password. The following window will appear:

Screenshot: One-Time Access Code for 2-Factor Authentication. Transcript: How would you like to receive your one-time access code?

If a text-enabled mobile phone is included on your User account record, you will have the option to select 'email' or 'SMS' where you will receive your one-time access code: 

Note: The access code will be sent to the email or mobile phone associated with your account. You may add a phone number to your User account record at any time to enable the SMS option.

Screenshot: One-time access code window with the SMS option included and highlighted.

Enter the access code provided in the email or text message, and click 'ok.'

Screenshot: One-Time Access Code prompt.

Any User accounts 2-Factor Authentication is enabled for will be prompted to enter an access code each time they log in to their EventBuilder Portal.

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