EventBuilder Accessibility Features

Last updated: April 13, 2023

EventBuilder strives to make our products available and usable to everyone. We are proud that our software has achieved WCAG 2.1 AA External link: WCAG website compliance for all attendee-side features and portal-side features. We will continue to make improvements to widen the circle of inclusion for all people to participate in virtual events.

Accessibility Requirements

There are four major areas of concern for ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) External link: ADA website and Section 508, Rehabilitation Act of 1973 External link: Section 508 website compliance as they pertain to online mediums and WCAG compliance:

  • Code Validation
  • Color Contrast and Color Blindness
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Web Accessibility

Examples of accessible content include:

  • Page navigation that does not require a mouse. (All navigation available through touch/keyboard/alternatives).
  • Screen reader optimization - including meta data, elements, and labels.
  • Contrast ratio between text and background at least 4.5:1.
  • Text size and spacing customization.
  • Customized Closed Captioning experience: resizable text, color background control, text color customization, and adjusting the position of captions on the screen.

Providing Accessibility Tools for Your Events

Here at EventBuilder, we have designed our software and services to maximize inclusion and reach for your events, in both the product's code and accessible add-on options:

Coded-For-Accessibility Features

EventBuilder's coded Attendee-side accessible features include:

  • Registration Pages
  • Listing Pages
  • Streaming Console - Buttons, Keyboard Navigation, and Color Contrast are compliant.

Because Organizers have the ability to customize features on these elements, we recommend keeping text and color contrast in mind as you build Events and Pages.

Add-on Accessibility Options

In addition to our coded-for-accessibility features, EventBuilder provides Organizers with two add-on Closed Captioning tools available for an additional fee:

  • Live Captioning - With our live captioning option, text is delivered via AI and a human captioner adjusts and edits the content live.
  • Automated Closed Captioning - With our automated solution, text is delivered via AI with no live edits or adjustments.

Customized Solutions

We understand there may be unique situations that require a customized solution for your Attendee. In these cases, we will work with you to design an accessible event experience. Email our Services Team at services@eventbuilder.com External link - Email to: services@eventbuilder.com to discuss your access needs and make arrangements.

On-going Efforts

As part of our commitment to inclusive design, EventBuilder has created protocols for staying compliant and maximizing the User experience for everyone. To stay WCAG-compliant, we:

  • Scan our product on a quarterly basis, and prioritize updating our software to maintain and continually improve WCAG compliance.
  • Offer Closed Captioning for live Events and transcript audits for recorded captioned Events.
  • Additionally, our Care team is available 24/5 for additional support and assistance for our customers.

Our Commitment to Accessibility

Making sure all of your Attendees can access your Events and customize their experience as it best suits them is a priority for EventBuilder. We work continually to design our products and services for everyone to access and enjoy without barriers.