Adding and Setting Up User Accounts

Last updated: September 30, 2021

After the Portal has been configured by an Administrator, additional named User Accounts can be created and set up. 

Screenshot: Portal navigation, with Accounts option highlighted.

The Accounts Page

After selecting 'Accounts' on your navigation, a list of all current User Accounts will appear:

Screenshot: Accounts page, with 'Create New Account" button, search field, and list of account holders.
The icons to the right of the User Account name and email are:


Screenshot: Events icon.Events - Show Events created by User

Screenshot: Templates iconTemplates - Show Templates created by User

Screenshot: Questions iconQuestions - Show all Questions created by User

Screenshot: Files icon.Files - Show all Files added by User

Screenshot: Reports icon.Reports - Show all Reports run by User

Screenshot: Tasks icon.Tasks - Show list of Tasks initiated by User (e.g., emails sent)

Create New Account

Click on the 'Create New Account' button.

Screenshot: Create New Account button.

The New Account dialog will appear. Fields marked with a red asterisk are required. Note: Named User Accounts must be associated with an individual User. General correspondence email addresses are not permitted.

Screenshot: New Account setup fields: First Name, Last Name, Email, Mobile Number, Title, Company, Role, Screenshot: New Account setup fields: First Name, Last Name, Email, Mobile Number, Title, Company, Role, and Photo, Event Contact, Event Contact Email, Bio, Social Media and Websites, API Key and Secret, Enabled checkbox, and Save.Select a role for your new User.

In addition to Administrators, there are three primary Roles available: Organizer, Moderator, and Presenter. Organizers can create Events and access all functions, and a paid EventBuilder subscription is required. Moderators and Presenters, shown as "Guest" in the drop-down, do not require a paid EventBuilder subscription to be assigned their Roles.

Learn more about Event Management Roles.

Event Contact Name and Event Contact Email - Enter the name and email address the User will send event correspondence to and from, if different than the named account user's entered above. E.g.,

User Bio/Headshot/Social Media/Websites - The lower portion of the New Account screen includes options for adding a photo/headshot and a Bio for Account Users, as well as links to social media profiles and websites, all generally useful for your Event Presenters and/or Moderators. If enabled during an Event build, this information appears on Registration Pages.

API Key and Secret - Administrators and Organizers can grant secure access to EventBuilder's API. Learn more about API Key and Secret.

Enabled checkbox - Selected by default. If a User becomes inactive, unchecking this box will deactivate their account and they will no longer have login access.

Note: Multi-factor authentication is enabled on all EventBuilder portals, so the first time your new User logs into the Portal, they will be prompted to be sent a one-time access code via email. Learn more about User Verification options: multi-factor authentication.

Click 'Save' to return to the Accounts screen.