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Last updated: December 7, 2020

Communicating with your Invitees, Registrants, and Attendees is a vital part of successful Event management. EventBuilder provides Organizers with a variety of email templates to select and customize for their Events.

Screenshot: Event Detail with the Communicate step highlighted.

Learn about the Communicate section with our Overview here

Communicate Options/Instructions

Note: Because emails can be enabled or disabled at either the Template level or Event level, any emails that have been disabled at the Template level will be greyed-out on the screen below. Organizers can reactivate them at the Event's Communicate Step.

In the Communicate window, you will see a listing of available emails with their default delivery timing displayed, and the 'Test,' 'Edit,' and 'Resend' links available. You also have the option to insert a confidential disclaimer on all transactional emails you choose to send. 

Screenshot: list of available communication emails, insert confidential statement option listed. Transcript: Information regarding your event is included in the emails below. Just click Edit to customize the text, change the delivery timing, or disab le and email. The EventBuilder software automatically distributes enabled emails according to the timing you select. You can resent a batch email that has already been delivered if you like.

Confidential Disclaimer

With 'insert confidential disclaimer' selected, the following text will be added to each email sent: "This may contain confidential information and is intended only for the individuals named. Please do not disseminate, distribute or copy this information to unauthorized users. Reasonable and appropriate measures should be taken to protect the data in this communication and any attachments from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure, and alteration. Individuals and organizations may not process personal information in a way that is incompatible with the purposes for which it has been collected or subsequently authorized by the individual. Information may be retained in a form identifying or making identifiable to the individual only for as long as it services a purpose for which it was been collected."

Editing/Customizing Emails

Click 'Edit' to open your selected email. The edit window will open:

Screenshot: top of the window for customizing emails, including the subject line and banner selection.

The Subject line can be personalized, but is a required field.  {event_title} is a database field that will be automatically inserted upon sending. Organizers can leave the default Event banner (uploaded on the Set Up Step) or they may select 'Browse' to choose a different banner graphic for their email:

Screenshot: The 'Select File' window for uploading or choosing a banner for email customization.

From this dialog, Organizers can keep the Banner set on the Set Up page, upload a new Banner, or select a Banner file already available on the Portal. Recommended width: 1400px.

Files larger than 500 MB may need to be compressed to be uploaded successfully. Learn more about file upload recommendations here.

Click 'Save.'

Next, click in the area highlighted below to open the full-featured HTML editors.

Here Organizers can add additional database fields by selecting 'fx' on the tool bar, as well as add text, images, and other available elements to customize.


Click in the salutation area to open the editor and customize your signature, add additional elements such as logos and certification badges, etc.

Screenshot: email customization area with HTML editor shown.

At the bottom of the email, Organizers can disable buttons on the following: Event Invitation, Registration Confirmation, Event Reminder, Event Reminder 2, Attended Event, Missed Event, and Event Rescheduled emails.
Screenshot: Button enable dialog. Transcript: All dynamic elements are enabled on this email. If you want to customize these items, disable as appropriate below so you can add them back with your custom formatting.

To disable the buttons, click the circle icon: 

Screenshot: 'Register Now Button' dialog - enabled and disabled display.

When finished editing, click 'Save.' The window will close and return you to main Communicate window.

Customize Delivery Timing

Organizers can choose the timing of delivery on the following emails:

  • Event Reminder
  • Event Reminder 2
  • Attended Event
  • Missed Event
  • Event Rescheduled

Navigate to the email you wish to set the delivery schedule for by clicking the 'Edit' link.

Screenshot: Email templates available for delivery timing setup, with the 'edit' button circled.

Navigate to the bottom of the window and select from the options listed: 

Screenshot: Delivery timing dialog with options.

Choose Before Event or After Event, select Hour(s) or Day(s) and choose the timing of delivery in the counter field.

Note: Delivery times can be adjusted on the Event Reminder emails unless the time set has passed. I.e., If you have an Event Reminder scheduled to be delivered three days before the Event, you cannot change the delivery day after the email has been sent. You may use the 'Resend' option if needed.

Click 'Save.' The window will close and your delivery schedule will be set.

Resend Email Option

Enabled emails are automatically distributed on the schedule you have specified. Event Reminders, Attended Event, Missed Event, and Event Rescheduled batch emails can be resent if the scheduled delivery time has passed and Organizers need to contact Registrants. These cannot be edited after-the-fact, only resent.

Click 'Resend' to re-deliver selected email to Registrants.

Screenshot: Event emails with the Resend link highlighted.


The email is sent immediately.

Enabling/Disabling Emails

Open the email you wish to enable/disable. Select/deselect the radio button and click 'Save.' 

Screenshot: Enabled radio button with orange arrow pointing to it.



Organizers have the option to send a sample email to the address associated with their Portal User ID to verify content, branding, and any links included, as well as test for successful inbox delivery. 

Click 'Test' to initiate the test email. It will be sent to the email address associated with your Portal's User ID immediately.

Screenshot: Email options with the Test link circled.

On-the-Fly Emails

Organizers can send one-time emails to selected groups of Registrants to communicate specific information. 

To create an On-the-Fly email, select 'Edit' from the email list.

The editor window will open, and can be customized for the situation. Note that 'Subject' is a required field; the email cannot not be sent without it:

Screenshot: On-the-Fly email editor window with Subject field highlighted.

Next, edit the content of your email using the editor provided:

Screenshot: On-The-Fly email with HTML editor open.

After completing edits to the email, click 'Save.'

When ready, click the 'Send' link. The 'Select Recipients' drop-down menu will appear. Organizers can then choose their recipient audience from the following:

Screenshot: On-the-Fly email Recipient selection drop-down menu.

  • All approved Registrants
  • Approved Registrants that attended
  • Approved Registrants that didn't attend
  • Registrants in Pending status
  • Registrants that are blocked or denied access

After selecting your desired audience from the drop-down menu, click 'Send.' The email is distributed immediately.

Calendar Invitation Content

Organizers can customize Event information in the calendar invite (sent as an attachment, 'invite.ics') that Registrants import into their calendars. It will contain each Registrant's 'Join' link that delivers them directly to the live Event. (also available off the Reg page)

To set data variables (fields) for your Event's calendar invitation, click on the fx button highlighted below:
Screenshot: Calendar Invitation Content window with f/x button hightlighted.

Select the Event Variables you would like to include:

Screenshot: Event Variables window for selecting calendar content information about the event.
To select Registrant Variables, click on the tab and choose the information you would like to include.

Screenshot: Registrant Variables window with Registrant options calendar invitation content.

The selected Event and Registrant Variables will be included in the calendar invite file.

Once variables are selected, Organizers can change or edit the included copy:

Screenshot: Calendar Invitation Content tool with text editor highlighted.

Note: Organizers can add/change text in this area but cannot add images or change fonts/font size on this function.

Opening/Closing Hold Images

If Streaming Mode is enabled, Organizers can choose .jpeg or .png images to be displayed before and after the live Event. Your audience will see the Opening image in the 30 minutes prior to start time, and the Closing image just after your Event ends. Recommended image size: 1920px x 1080px.

Screenshot: Opening and Closing Hold images tool.

Click 'Browse' to open the file selection window:

Screenshot: Select file window with Upload File(s) and Select highlighted with orange arrows.
You may upload a new graphic file or select an image already on the Portal. Repeat this action for both the Opening and Closing image selection.

Click 'Save & Continue'

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